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A Profile of Prada Accessories: The Hottest Luxury Brand in the World.

For the fashion conscious there is much more to Prada than just a style statement. Prada exemplifies their personalities and their taste for the good things in life. The house of Prada is a symbol of creativity and luxury. Primarily Prada is known for their leather goods, this is its area of forte and for the many decades of its existence, since 1913, the company has brought about a gradual but steady progress in style and the making of luxury leather goods. From Prada handbags, shoes, belts and wallets this luxury brand has brought creativity and style to the world of fashion.

About Prada

In Milan, Italy, a leather products shop by the name of Fratelli Prada was started by Mario Prada in 1913. Luisa Prada, the daughter of Mario, gradually took over the business. She was a successful entrepreneur for 20 years when her daughter, Miuccia Prada, took over the company operations and became the de facto creative head. The company has seen several movements of growth under the leadership of the two women – Luisa and her daughter Miuccia.

Around 1977 Prada saw the entry of Patrizio Bertelli – a 17-year-old entrepreneur in leather goods from Italy. He went on to become the chief advisor and guide to Miuccia who could now concentrate more on her creative designing skills. For the first time in years, Prada saw a signature style of its leather products developing. The contemporary styles were all given a new look, which has been an instantaneous hit.

The World Loves Prada Designs

The company saw a phenomenal growth of its sales and creative lines in Prada bags, wallets, purses, shoes and belts in the years of the 1980s and the 90s. The years of the 90s also saw the introduction of a Prada clothing line. A clothing line for women came out in 1992 under the label Miu Miu. Women worldwide loved the Prada dresses from this collection. This was followed in the coming years with a line exclusively for men.  Specifically the Prada suits were a big success with men. These were also the years when the company opened several boutiques and flagship stores in international locations. The rapid expansion was met with a fantastic response to the collections introduced by the company and Prada saw some incredible successful years for the brand and image of the luxury designer. Prada became the new name of international fashion and style. Everyone was clamoring to buy Prada designs. Sales were on the rise and with it came an overall appreciation for the products and signature lines introduced by the company.

To own a Prada piece is a matter of pride and is a mark of style among discerning fashion connoisseurs. Prada is an exclusive brand and their products distinguish themselves from other brads by their designer cuts, their use of colors and embellishments. This brand represents true style. All Prada products come with the unmistakable Prada embossed metallic hardware.

Flagship stores and Prada boutiques are available in almost every country across the globe. The company has matched its styles and passion for fashion with an easy access for its buyers. The online E-store also caters to a large segment of buyers with some of the latest lines featured regularly on the Prada website. 

The Passion To Buy Prada

The urge to buy Prada and own one of the classic pieces of the brand is a common desire among those who love to indulge in quality fashion. There is a wide range of products, like Prada purses, bags, wallets, eyewear, perfumes, shoes, clothing and Prada belts. A high standard of manufacturing finesse and elegance is a mark of each product from the company.  Each designer piece adds to the magnificence of visual delight of your ensemble when there is use of Prada designs.

One of the chief attributes of the house of Prada is the essential passion for a heady mix of style and charisma. The name lives up to its reputation of being one of the best creators of fashion. Wearers of this brand are not only in the company of one of the best names in the fashion industry but also the comfort and feel of caring workmanship. The meticulous detailing of products show a clinical perfection that is hard to miss especially when one is in the public eye. This is one reason that some of the top celebrities and well-known public figures choose to buy Prada for their personal couture ensembles.

Prada Shoes for Women

Each year there is a line of Prada shoes for women that exude a new appeal of couture standards and sex appeal. Prada heels are unmistakable--even in a crowd of millions-- through their augmentative use of color and patterns, along with the styles of designs.  A variation in each line gives something for every form of style adopted by buyers with different sensibilities of high-end fashion.

The younger generation of Prada buyers loves the ostentatious use of style that can be found in each Prada shoe. Others love the comfort that each shoe gives the wearer.  In a highly varied array of elegant designs, there are choices galore for women. The young and the old can purchase Prada stilettos, sandals, flats, boots, sneakers and much more.

Prada shoes for women are underlined with a simple phrase – style infinite. A classic display of some of the finest collections is available in this area of high-end fashion from the company.  There are selections of Prada pumps, lace-ups, high heels, sandals, ballerinas, open toes, boots, sneakers and drivers.  These designer shoes are prepared from the highest grades of leather complemented with the use of variations of hardware and embellishments of designs.

Color variations are the first point of note that comes to view when you think of a Prada shoe. You can choose from a wide range of colors available even within a single choice of style. Hand stitched detailing can also be seen in several designs that adds to the finesse and class in each design. It has successfully exuded that look of glamour no matter the occasion and the style of the wearer that is adopted. When you buy Prada, you redefine your style statement.

Prada Shoes For Men

In a world where couture and fashion seems to be largely dominated by women, men now have something to look forward to with Prada shoes for men. Fashion-conscious men can choose from a wide array of designs, from Prada boots, lace-ups, loafers, sneakers and drivers. There are high quality leather boots and lace-ups made from the best grades of calf leather. Similar high quality designs can also be seen in the range of moccasins and loafers. Extraordinary use of leather with impeccable bands designs complemented with Prada hardware like logo plates and buckled designs.

The soles of these shoes are all styled with patented Prada rubber and a vintage look. With an exceptional look of class, Prada shoes will give a modern flare to the conservative dresser or to the metrosexual man. These designer shoes are fit for all kinds of formal, semi-formal and casual occasions when you intend to create a signature style with your choice of accessories.

Prada Belts

Prada belts have been made equally for men and women. You can browse through a large collection of designer belts. Prada produces finely created leather belts that can be a part of all your formal wardrobe collections. They help to give you an accurate fit to your clothing as well as make an incredible fashion statement. Most of the Prada belts available can be found crafted in high quality leather. The hides are selected with careful judgment for their durability and lasting finish upon manufacturing; this is blended with quality buckles and hardware embossed with the company logo and name, which adds to the finer value of the item.

Colors of Prada belts are equally varied in their designs. There are regular shades of black and brown. Others shades available are tan, ebony, camouflage green and combination blue colors. These are mostly choices for the men even though most of the formal shades are the same for women as well. However, for the women there are additional choices available that make these suited for semi-formal and as well as casual events. You can now use one of these to make that favorite skirt or party trouser look cooler than usual. Choose from leather belts to satin crafted belts with accessorized use of colored crystals. These unique blends of designs are reflected in the distinct style statement that is created. The usual collection of formal colors in black, brown and tan are also a part of this collection, which give you options for all formal and semi-formal occasions.

Prada Handbags

One of the earliest creative lines of the company came through the line of Prada handbags. This fashion company started with handbags and leather accessories of all different kinds. Perhaps this is the reason that Prada bags remain one of the choicest and prize collections of the designer brand even today. Their impeccable range of handbags for women exudes style, status and power. Anyone in possession of a Prada purse will send the ultimate message of style quotient. Heads will turn to take a second look at the chosen accessory.

Prada offers an amazing range of colors and designs in their handbag collection. Designs range from shoulder bags, totes, clutches, purses, evening bags, tops handles and mini bags for travel. Made from some of the finest grades of leather and hides these designer bags are available in an equally eclectic range of colors to mesmerize buyers. They are also embellished with a fine range of Prada metallic hardware with the embossing of the name and the logo.

Making a selection from among the vast choices of Prada handbags can be truly difficult for women. Prices notwithstanding, these designer bags have some of the highest record-breaking sales figures to their credit. That’s not just in the United States, but all over the world. Through the 80s and the 90s, when Prada saw an international wave of expansion and opened boutiques in several countries, the sales of almost all products saw high growth. However, particularly popular among them is the range of handbags that rose to record sales.

A range of smaller Prada purses is also available to complement the use of Prada handbags. This specially designed collection can be yours within the handbags section for women. Svelte and sleek they form a beautiful complement to your outfit. These designer pursed are available in different colors matching the larger handbags and totes.

Prada purses are available in a large collection of designs from evening bags to clutches. These are stylish compact designs crafted from leather, patent leather, denim, tweed and calf leather. They give a befitting look of completeness for your evening ensemble. They are small and yet very visible and can make a clear statement of flawless style.

Prada handbags are not only for the women; there is also a special range of designs for men. A carefully designed range of Prada briefcases, weekender bags, totes, messenger bags are included in the Prada men’s collection. These are available in leather and fabric as well. There is a highly skilled workmanship seen in the making of the bags crafted from some of the finest grades of leather bags. Leather grades available from the Prada brand can be easily named as one of the finest that is available. These Prada bags are skillfully designed with different designs, styles, and a wide choice of colors.

Prada Glasses

There isn’t much that needs to be said about Prada glasses. This brand of sunglasses is chosen by the rich and famous of the world. Prada sunglasses are chic and classy besides being elegant and comfortable eyewear for suitable eye protection. There are two types of Prada glasses that are popular. The first category is that of the sunglasses. In this there is a wide range of stylish range of eyewear; they provide perfect protection for the eyes while offering that ultimate style statement as well.

The second category of Prada glasses comes in the form of spectacles and frames for those who need to wear glasses for better vision. This is an extremely stylish new range from the company that brings those wearing glasses the ability to experiment with a new look. In fact this has set off a new wave of people who prefer to wear glasses more then contact lenses. Prada frames are made from the finest plastic sources, so that are both lightweight and smartly dressed with color tones to give the wearer a stylish look.

Prada Accessories

A host of other accessories forms a significant part of Prada’s collection. They offer artistic jewelry, with ranges of brooches, hairclips, headbands, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Similarly for the men, Prada produces a classic range of cufflinks, key chains, money clips and travel kits.

The range of exclusive selections of jewelry accessories for men and women brings together eloquence in combined creative excellence; in these there is use of metal, crystals and customized resin flowers to bring out the essential Prada signature of elegance. The heavy use of crystals and stones in these jewelry items will be some of the choicest items for eveningwear and distinguished accessories for that timeless magic of beauty.

When we talk of style and elegance Prada does not leave men behind. Contrary to popular perceptions, there is a lot to look forward to in the men’s line from the company. This is effectively demonstrated by the show of masculine presence in their collections. A closer look at the official website will also reflect the abundance of male choices in accessories and jewelry. The Prada embossed stylish silver cufflinks can create that enigma of male fashion statement; this can be subtly expressed through different modes of clothing and accessories.

Enjoy the comforts of travel kits and cosmetic pouches that allow you a stylish way to store your stuff even when you are traveling. The company makes it a point to provide a meticulously planned range of products that touches every part of your life with beauty.

The range of Prada products starts with your clothing and continues through the accessories down to the finest detail of your cosmetic pouches and travel kits. When you buy Prada accessories, you can indulge in your passion for style and luxury. 

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2 Item(s)

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