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About Moschino

Franco Moschino created the brand Moschino in 1983. Franco Moschino became renowned for his colorful, sometimes eccentric and innovative designs in his brand. His voluble criticism of the fashion industry also made him prominent among them.  He was also a great social activist and led many social awareness crusades in 1990. After his sudden death, his former personal assistant, Rossella Jardini took over the reins and became the creative director of the brand. It became a part of Aeffe fashion group in 1999. Moschino became world famous by designing the outfits for the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics in 2006. Moschino also designed the outfits worn by famous pop singers like Kylie Minogue and Madonna on their respective tours.

Moschino holds a very significant position in the international fashion industry today, because of its rich history, reliability and continuity. The creations of this label like Moschino Cheap and Chic, Love Moschino and Moschino have made a mark in fashion wear by their expression of ironical elegance through the remake of classical designs. During the fall/winter collection, the Moschino Jeans label name was changed to Love Moschino, which expresses its basic nature the best. Rossella Jardini, as the creative director, has been the backbone of this label and who has kept the brand image and style alive after the death of Franco Moschino in 1994. In February, 2009, Moschino opened its first virtual boutique from where you can order Moschino online.

Moschino Handbags

The Moschino handbags are made of superior quality and they have been renowned for their most outstanding designs in the fashion industry. The Moschino bags are designed in vivacious and sparkling colors and themes. The beautiful satin Moschino purses have lively designs on them, making it great to be carried to any event or function.  The handbags are made of pure leather with snake and croc prints. There are also bags in soft leather with a super spacious interior to house all the items you must have. Other designer handbags have jeweled logos on them, which provides a rich and classy look.

Moschino Clothing for Women

Moschino women’s dresses are stylish and affordable. You can show off any style when you dress yourself in Moschino clothing, as they are creative and classy. The Moschinio gowns are designed in contemporary styles and perfect for women who want to step out of their normal style and make a statement. When you need something dressy to wear you can buy Moschino tops, some of which are sleeveless with a bow neck or have a halter neckline. These designer tops will look fantastic with a pair of sleek Moschino jeans. Moschino’s Cheap and Chic collection is spectacular and moulds the body in a very sexy way. Some of the dresses in this collection include cocktail dresses in materials like cotton, silk, cashmere, wool and lace. Polka dotted tops, leather ruffle jacket, snake print, flowery print and lace bodice dress are some of the favorite designs of this label. Owning dresses from this label is the dream of every woman who longs for a chic and elegant look. You can browse through the selections of Moschino online to choose the item best suited for your needs.

Moschino Clothing for Men

Moschino men’s clothing brings out the elegance and manliness in a man and gives him an air of sophistication, whether it is with Moschino shirts, Moschino suits or Moschinio  jeans. The superb cut of the shirts and T-shirts fit the body outline fantastically. For a casual and fun look, you can try the rowdy button down shirt, which is 100% cotton with graphic prints all over. They also come in a chic printed variety. For a more formal look, there are coats and blazers in single-breasted canvas stretch lapel collar in woolen. The designs in menswear include the Moschino tie. When you invest in designer clothing by Moschino you are sure to look incredibly polished and stylish.

Moschinio Sunglasses

Moschino sunglasses are an excellent fashion statement and will suit your every mood. There is a wide selection of Moschino glasses to choose from for those who need a sophisticated look.  These glasses will meet your every activity and mood. There are conservative classic styles, which will give you a celebrity look, suiting your personality with a unique look. The frames of these glasses are available in shiny palladium smoke, shiny black gradient smoke and shiny rose gold mirror bronze. The frames come in various colors like pink, red, black, grey, brown and black, with unique shapes. Your personality will shine through with these designer glasses.

Moschino Shoes

Moschino shoes are made from handpicked materials with the best designs and workmanship to make them last a long time. They will complete your elegant attire and place you among the most fashionable crowd. Moschino footwear is not just for formal wear, you will find plenty of designs for casual wear and party shoes, for men and women. With various colors, these shoes are more comfortable and classy looking than the ordinary shoes. These designer shoes are made of the finest leather and hand stitched to make it more durable. The Moschino women’s shoe collection consists of wedges, slip-ons, boots, stilettos and party shoes. The designs are truly unique and sets off a sophisticated.


How to buy Moschino

Moschino fashion wear and accessories have always used unusual and innovative designs, making them stand out from the rest. Basic forms and traditional method have been the hallmark of this label. One of its unusual designs included a quilted black mini denim skirt with plastic fried eggs, which was added as a decoration on the hemline. Moschino is known to delight the fashion conscious with its humorous take on clothes and accessories. You can buy Moschino clothing and accessories from any parts of the world by shopping online. When you shop online you not only save time, but you also are able to buy designer brands at discount prices.

Items 1 to 27 of 357 total

Items 1 to 27 of 357 total

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