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About Missoni

Missoni is considered as one of the most creative and beautiful fashion houses in the world. In every design they come up the house’s style is always present in its creation. They are perhaps the only fashion house which carries a reputation for consistently creating beautiful designs. The brand’s powerful tradition to create new products has often left its competitors unnerved.

The brand had a very humble beginning in 1953 having almost no acclaim and it soon went on to build a luxurious and lavish fashion empire. The brand has come a long way since it was opened in a basement studio at Sumirago in Milan.

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni first met during the Olympic Games in 1948 in London. They carried on their relationship the next five years and wed in 1953. After that, they decided on taking a plunge into the world of fashion designing, starting off with a small knitwear unit at Sumirago. After much hard work and meager sales volumes, the brand started to get noticed in the 1960s. 

It was during this decade that Missoni as a brand turned the head of many because of the unique textures of their creation, colorful palettes and an exhaustive range of carefully chosen fabrics. The Missonis had the penchant for coming up with a novel design and the house has proven time and again that originality is their forte.

Although Missoni became quite a popular brand in Italy, it was relatively unknown to the rest of the world. This situation changed almost overnight when Diana Vreeland of the US fashion magazine Vogue took a liking of one of the creations of Missoni and mentioned about it in a particular edition of the magazine in 1970. Now, if anything was printed on the clean and crisp pages of the magazine, it had to be right and the American woman took it as gospel. This led to an explosion in their sales volumes.

Following this publicity, the family business started to show tremendous growth, it was no more possible for the husband-wife duo to keep up with the demand of the markets with a handful of employees after juggling work and children. The small family-owned brand suddenly became a conglomerate.

The company hired many employees and built a large factory for catering to the increased market demands. Missoni could now be found in many of the selective markets across the globe. The sales numbers also witnessed a northward bound move. Over the years, Missoni’s children have entered the business and have helped the brand to cater to the modern and young, especially appealing to the young woman.  

When the fashion label first commenced, the husband and wife duo designed a unique logo for their brand bearing a distinctive trademark i.e. incorporation of colored stripes in all their clothing. The fashion that Missoni releases these days, is almost like playing “Where’s Waldo?” while locating the stripes on many of their items.

The younger entrants to the business have kept the Missoni tradition alive. It’s the same tradition that makes the Missoni brand so well known all around the world. While several brands have changed their product portfolio drastically over the years and have become almost unrecognizable, Missoni has kept up with the times but has never lost its originality. This is one of the many reasons, why the brand is much sought after even after these decades.

Missoni was primarily a creator of exceptional knitwear and for most of the time, it has been noted as less of a business and more of art. While technology can provide a range of special effects and fluid knits, the indescribable and identifying aspect of the Missoni knit is color and the affinity towards art. Most importantly, the Italian fashion house has brought before the world a vivid sense of highly imaginative knits after rescuing them from heirlooms and old fashioned aspects of hand knits, besides the conventional alikeness of numerous machine knit products. Akin to several Italian products from the post-war years, the value of a product was not merely inherent in the handwork but also in the unquestionable preeminence of design that was forged through machines. While sophisticated machines and computers today make Missoni knits, they still remain exceptional as regards their colors. The texture of Missoni has become the staple feature in both womenswear and menswear.

Ever since the outset, the aesthetics behind a Missoni has maintained its consistency. One is able to identify Missoni at a mere glance. The “zig zag” pattern is a characteristic Missoni design. The cheerful looking design, shaped as a multicolored stripe and looking like a lightening bolt, with acute angles, is perhaps the most noticeable among the Missoni style and has been frequently renewed and repeated over the decades.

The patchwork design from Missoni, which appeared for the first time in 1971, was another pattern that became synonymous with the brand. The technique also formed the foundation of several Missoni tapestries and rugs that have gained a worldwide name today. Besides, flowers also make for another recurrent decorative motif and display a marked preference of tulips and roses. In the early 90s, architectural patterns and landscapes appeared on the designs as well as the collection of the knitwear that ranged from Venetian sceneries to landscapes that were based on skyscrapers of Manhattan in the collection of autumn winter 90/91. The Missoni “piece de resistance” has often been described as “the fishnet” that was popularized in 1974. The design was loose weave that had lent a distinctive design to beachwear, long skirts and shawls.  

This was a looser weave that lent itself to well to beachwear, from shawls to long-skirts that became fashionable to wear over bikinis, day or night.

The popularity of the Missoni brand hasn’t receded over these years, it has maintained a position for itself when several other brands have struggled to keep pace with the changing demands of the fashion world. 

Missoni Clothing for Women

Missoni is known for their women’s clothing collection. Particularly, they are popular for their designer dresses. These dresses are loved by women of all ages across the globe. Missoni is known by fashionistas around the world as the best in luxury brands. Missoni is most know for their knitwear and for the variety of patterned fabric that they layer, such as geometics, abstracts, florals, and stripes. In addition to this, Missoni also likes to layer different types of fabric, from cotton to wool, to silk and linen. If you are looking for something casual, you can buy designer jeans and their designer tops. Finally, if you are looking for a designer gown for an event or party you can find a number of designer gowns in the Missoni collection. No matter what type of an event you are attending, the Missoni brand will make you look incredibly stylish. One thing about Missoni is that their designer clothing for women is outstanding.

Missoni Clothing for Men

There is something very special about the designer menswear by Missoni.  For the very stylish and the very modern man you will find designer suits by Missoni that will fit the bill. These designer suits are specially designed to make a man look unique. If you are looking for casual wear, you will find designer jeans that will leave you spellbound. There is something very special about the Missoni brand that you won’t get anywhere else. Their designer menswear has its own aesthetic. In addition to suits and jeans there are also designer shirts and designer ties that come in a large number of colors and designs and that will go smoothly and elegantly with the suits. You will find it very difficult to choose one just one thing from Missoni’s collection.

Missoni Handbags

When it comes to designer bags, Missoni offers fashionable and innovative bags that  are made of the best quality materials. They are so good that it is hard to just choose one among them. The designs are absolutely amazing and so are the color combinations. The Missoni bags are very spacious, as well, so that you can carry a lot of things in them. You will find that they are very easy to carry and that they perfectly convey your sense of style. In addition to their larger handbags, Missoni also designs purses and wallets. All of these bags and wallets are simply amazing. 

Missoni Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the one thing that you simly can’t do without. They are not only stylish, but they are very beneficial for the eyes too. When paired with the right outfit, designer sunglasses can really convey your sense of style. Missoni designer sunglasses will compliment your overall look and enhance it. It really makes you go out and meet the sun without even worrying about anything. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes, so that, no matter what your taste or face shape, they make you look attractive and stylish. These designer glasses are aptly designed, keeping in mind that everyone has a different face shape and thus they need different types to suit them.

Missoni Shoes

Designer shoes are becoming more and more popular—and for good reason. Designer shoes can completely make your outfit. Your shoes play a vital role in your overall style. Missoni shoes have great flare to them. They come in a variety of styles, such as flats, heels, and sandals. They also come in a variety of bright prints, such as stripes or zig-zags. No matter what you are guaranteed to make a fashion statement when you buy Missoni shoes. These designer shoes will make you look effortlessly stylish. They not only look cool, they are also comfortable, because they are made from top quality materials.

How to buy Missoni

You can buy Missoni at any Missoni store or at department stores that carry the luxury brand. However, if you are looking to buy designer clothing at discount prices, your best bet is to shop online. When you shop for luxury brands online you can receive discounts of up to 80% off. You can buy Missoni for discount prices and have your order delivered right to your door.

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