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About Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is a noted fashion designer from Italy who was born in the town of Piacenza in Northern Italy. After studying medicine for two years, Giorgio Armani joined the military service but realized that he was not meant for that job. Soon after he started work as a window dresser at a department store in Milan and later began managing the menswear department. This job acquainted him with the fashion industry as a whole and made him step into the fashion world by designing menswear. Today, he is the owner of one of the most successful fashion companies. Armani that was set up in the year 1975 for which the present turnover stands at more than 1.5 billion dollars.

The fashion lovers of the world are keen to buy designer clothes from Armani. He has specialized in a vast and versatile range of men’s wear and women’s wear, accessories, sunglasses, etc.  Armani is also well known for premium range of underwear and swimwear.

In 1980, the company entered a contract with L’Oreal for perfumes and this is evident in the international line of perfumes such as Armani Junior, Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani.  The unconventional line of apparel made Armani use different forms of advertisement to market their products. The Armani stores are spread over 37 countries and there are separate stores for each of their clothing lines. Fashion enthusiasts can access designer products online at discount prices.

Few people may be familiar with the new trends that Armani has brought about in the world of fashion. Giorgio Armani has prohibited models with BMI less than 18 to showcase his collections. Due to his interest in sports, Armani has designed suits for the national team of football in England and clothes for other sports and the respective teams.

Armani is one of the most successful and noted designers of present times and his products are sought after by people all over the world. Fashion lovers who want to buy designer clothes will certainly find it difficult to choose from some of the most amazing Armani collections of clothing and accessories.

Armani Handbags

The designer bags of Armani are meant to satisfy fashion lovers and one can choose from their many collections of bags for men and women. Armani bags are an emblem of fashion and luxury which is evident in the top handle velvet bag that is a designer purse that women love to take for their evening parties. Besides this, there are designer bags for men that include briefcase and messenger bags that are stylish, elegant and classy. Each piece designed by Armani is a masterpiece that has earned rave reviews all over the world and a is preferred accessory for men. Whether it is the techno fabric briefcase or the stylish techno fabric handbag, each item is exotic and speaks volumes about the creation of this designer.

Armani Clothing for Women

Armani has an amazing collection of designer jeans for women. Besides this, there is a vast collection of designer dresses for women that include short and long dresses of various sizes and colors. In fact, the entire Armani clothesline for women is highly unique,   unconventional, and conveys an aesthetic sense on the one hand and an aristocracy on the other. The long dresses designed by Armani are designer gowns that are a perfect ensemble for an evening event. The trendy outfits of Armani that are designed for the upscale modern women are much preferred by women all over the world. There are a series of trendy collections that includes designer tops that are difficult to miss. Out of the entire collection of Armani, the women’s designer outfits are high end and very impressive. It is incredible that one man has managed to create designer clothing for women catering to different age groups and showcasing such a level of versatility.

Armani Clothing for Men

The exquisite collection of designer suits by Armani is well known all over the world. It is a dream of many men to buy Armani suits. In addition, the long sleeve designer shirts by Armani showcase a large variety of color and sizes. The shirts are sporty and classic at the same time and one can wear them for any occasion whether it is a formal or an informal one. The denims, which is mostly worn for informal occasions convey a sense of comfort to the person and look elegant at the same time. Armani designer jeans are loved by fashion enthusiasts who are looking for trend and class simultaneously. The designer ties by Giorgio Armani have changed the trend of wearing neckties and it will be difficult to choose any other brand than this one. In short, the men’s designer clothesline is one area that Armani has mastered over the years.

Armani Sunglasses

Giorgio Armani has designed sunglasses for men and women and each one is special undoubtedly. The designer sunglasses for men are classy and must have for all. There are several types and varieties to choose from. On the other hand, the designer eyewear by Armani is equally impressive and loved by female fashion enthusiasts. The Emporio Armani designer glasses are sleek and capable of redefining the face of the one who is wearing it. There are unique styles for men and women and it is hard to miss the fashion element that he has included in Armani sunglasses.

Armani Shoes

Armani is one of those designers who has catered to all kinds of fashion accessories and this is evident in the exotic collections of closed-toe slip-ons, flat sandals, platform pumps and high –heeled sandals for women. The collection of designer footwear for men is engrossing with lace-up shoes, sneakers, ankle boots and a special category of shoes termed “loafer”. The Armani shoe collection is mesmerizing and it becomes difficult to decide whether Armani is better known for his designer shoes or menswear. 

How to buy Armani Designs

You can buy Armani collections at any of his stores, or from high-end department stores. However, if you are looking to save money, the first place you should look is online. When you shop for designer clothing online you can save yourself a lot of money. Boutique online stores sell luxury brands for discount prices.

Items 1 to 27 of 37 total

Items 1 to 27 of 37 total

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