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Kate Spade

About Kate Spade


Kate Broshnan Spade, born as Katherine Noel Brosnahan, is the co-founder as well as the namesake of the Kade Spade New York designer brand.


In 1986, Kate began her career in the accessories department at Mademoiselle in Manhattan. While at Mademoiselle, she met and moved in with Andy Spade, the brother of actor David Spade. The two started working together as salesmen at a men’s clothing store.


In 1991, Kate left Mademoiselle as head of accessories/senior fashion editor. While working at Mademoiselle, she had noticed that the market had no sensible or stylish handbags. She decided to create her own collection. Having this idea in mind, Kate started browsing local flea markets and began researching several types of fabrics, styles, production costs etc. Ultimately, she created a handbag label with classic colors, shapes and fabrics.


In January 1993, Spade with Joel Franklin, launched their design company “kate spade handbags”. As the name implies, Spade and Joel initially started out by selling only handbags. They eventually extended their product line to personal organizers, stationery, address books, beauty products, shoes, perfume, pajamas, raincoats and eyewear. “kate spade at home” was launched in 2004 as a premium home collection brand. It featured bath items, bedding, china, and several items for wallpaper and the home.


Lately, Kate Spade is featuring in special editions and designs by guest designers and has ceased to be a sole artistic version of the husband-wife duo.


The brand, at present, has several Kate Spade boutiques across the world with 32 in Japan, 46 in the US, 6 in Hong Kong, 2 in Jakarta, 4 in the Philippines, and 1 in London. In 2004, Women's Wear Daily stated that Kate Spade had sales of $125 million.      


Kate Spade Handbags


There are several reasons that Kate Spade handbags are raved about. First, her bags are stylish. Remember, Kate’s original frustration was that she couldn’t spot a single bag that was stylish enough sans expending over thousands of dollars. When she started to create her own line, stylishness was the only thing she had in her mind. Each bag from the Kate Spade stable holds its own unique place in the fiercely competitive world of designer handbags.


Secondly, if you’re someone who wants clean cuts, then a Kate Spade handbag is the right product for you. The cuts are chic, simple and elegant. In addition, they are classy. Kate Spade purses stand out among the crowd without creating noise. In fact, Kate Spade bags sport a signature style i.e. any Kate Spade handbag is generally box-shaped and simple.


Thirdly, the bags are manufactured from the finest quality materials. Kate looks for only the best quality fabric and leather to stitch her bags together. This makes the bag really long lasting. You rest assured that when you buy Kate Spade handbags they will never fall apart, even after years of use.


Fourthly, the Kate Spade bag is very practical. There are numerous handbags in the market that look great but aren’t that practical. Meaning, they only take care of your keys and wallet. Kate stitches practicality to the elegance and chic of her bags. The bags can store all your stuff.


You can buy Kate Spade bags at discount prices from online stores that sell luxury brands at cheap rates.


Kate Spade Sunglasses


Selecting the correct pair of sunglass is very important. Though the Kate Spade sunglasses are relatively new, they have assumed popularity because of the stylishness and sturdy build. They go cheap on the pocket as well. Of course, they can be considered cheap only when you compare them to a Ray-Ban or Versace, still you buy Kate Spade sunglasses can expect to pay less than $200 for them. And that’s money well spent.


There are some ways by which you can purchase Kate Spade sunglass for less. First, you can buy them during springtime. Demand for sun protection is unlikely to ramp up until the summer and that’s when their prices increase. Even during the winter the demand for a Kate Spade glass is high. So just buying them during the fall or spring season could fetch you a handsome discount, as big as 25%.


Not only a complete pair of sunglass, you can also buy frames only from Kate Spade. If you buy only the frames, you will be entitled to a better discount. There are several nice pairs of sunglass frames from Kate Spade that comprise a high degree of aesthetics. They are mostly made from durable material like carbon fiber which usually doesn’t break.  


Kate Spade Shoes


When it comes to buying a brand new pair of designer shoes, Kate Spade is likely to win hands down. Many women prefer to wear Kate Spade shoes around town, whether they are going for work or a party or some special occasions. Kate Spade footwear fits well and could be worn for years without any deterioration to the quality of the leather and fabric used. In fact, many women wear their outfits so that they can match the Kate Spade shoes they have purchased.


Kate Spade footwear always remains comfortable regardless of the number of times you wear them. You can keep them on your feet for hours without feeling any tiredness. The shoes are great for those who have to work in a professional field and require looking good besides feeling comfortable the whole day long.


Kate Spade Shoes have been appreciated by all. This includes the footwear connoisseur as well as the everyday user. Superior leather is used for the manufacturing of these shoes and the highest degree of care is adopted to stitch them. When you buy Kate Spade shoes online you can save yourself a good amount of money. There are several online shopping stores that offer great discounts on prices.


The shoes from Kate Spade have earned wide appreciation from high class users. They speak of fine luxury and elegance. The entire range of footwear from the ace designer comprises styles that were hitherto unseen. Thus you can blindly trust Kate Spade shoes to lend you that perfect elegance.


Kate Spade Clothing for Women


The designer clothing range for women by Kate Spade is simply mind blowing. Her collection offers great clothing items for women of all ages. Her designer dresses are all beautifully designed and they make you look like the perfect women that you are. There are also Kate Spade designer jeans that are very popular among fashion-lovers. Her designer tops are really beautiful, with vibrant designs and colors. You can buy her designer gowns and look stylish for your next party, or you can buy her designer clothing for casual wear and look unique and pretty any time of the day! When you wear a Kate Spade design you will look and feel your best. There is nothing better than this feeling. Moreover you can buy designer clothes from online stores, so that you can look stylish not matter where you live.  If you are a woman who wants to look smart and stylish, then you should definitely check out this brand. 


How to buy Kate Spade      


Kate Spade has her own store online, where you can view her entire collection. However, if you are looking to buy designer brands at discount prices, the best thing to do is shop at an online boutique. There are a number of boutiques online that sell Kate Spade at discount prices. This saves you time and money, because you can order her collection online and have it delivered right to your door.



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