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Jil Sander

About Jil Sander

Jil Sander is a noted German fashion designer who was born in WesselBuren, Germany in 1952. She began studying textile design and completed her graduation in textile engineering in 1963. After working with a women’s magazine in Germany called Petra, she opened her first boutique in the suburb of Hamburg at the mere age of 24 where she used to sell the works of other designers and also some of her own. Later she opened the famous luxury house Jil Sander GmbH in 1968. Initially, her collections went unnoticed amidst works of other designers such as Claude Montana, when the fashion world was ruled by inordinate collections that were colourful and glimmering. In fact, her collections that were modest and conservative in approach did nothing to bring her to fame. However, she had started gaining attention with her collections from 1990’s. Sander became known for the creation of the ‘onion’ look that featured layers of clothes. Her collections were showcased by models in Milan and sales had started soaring by then.

There were more products that were gradually added to her collections and that included cosmetics and fragrances. She was one of the frontrunners among the fashion designers who went public and her shares were sold in Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The major reason for her success was the colossal fashion stores that were located in places such as Taipei, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Sander observed her stores and sales staff very closely and devised certain work ethics and behaviour for the people who were selling in her boutiques. Her collections were inspired by Madeleine Vionnet, whose showroom in Paris was used by Sander.

Jil Sander was also involved with the German sportswear brand Puma to bring out a collection of sneakers in 1998. She encountered success throughout the 1990’s until the Prada Group bought 755 of her shares in 1999 but she continued on as the chairperson and the Creative designer of the company. However, this did not last long and she had major altercations with the CEO of Prada Group. In 2000 she resigned as chairperson of Jil Sander group and this move brought about major losses. She returned once more as Head designer of the company only to resign once again in November 2004. The biggest surprise came to the fashion enthusiasts when she announced the opening of her fashion consultancy and her work with Uniqlo Label in 2009 for whom she was responsibly designing the men’s and the women’s wear. Jil Sander received an award from the Federal Republic of Germany for her significant contribution to the fashion industry. To buy designer collections by Jil Sander fashion lovers can check out various online stores.

Jil Sander is synonymous with high end clothing for men and women along with accessories, perfumes and beauty products that have managed to pull in the most high profile clients. She will rule the fashion dynasty with her minimalist approach for years to come.

Jil Sander Handbags

Jil Sander bags are trendy and sleek and perfectly made. With an array of collections to her credit, the designer has successfully catered to her women clientele. The glazed Karung clutch and the leather clutch by Sander are classic examples of designer purses that are simple and elegant at the same time. Other collections by Sander include the soft deerskin shoulder bag, the suede packable tote, the simple tote or the python zip top tote. The designer handbags by Jil Sander are exclusive and will easily capture the minds of fashion enthusiasts. It is possible to buy designer bags online from Jil Sander’s online store, or from onlin

Jil Sander Clothing for Women

Although Jil Sander has not experimented with designer gowns for women, her collections are interesting and unconventional and each of her items is a masterpiece undoubtedly. The button front dress and the belted dress can be worn for semi formal evening occasions and her designer dresses look very smart and youthful. In fact, the entire collection of designer women’s skirts, tunics and jackets are very impressive and it is no wonder that she has some of the most noted celebrities of Hollywood as her client, including Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman. Similarly, the cropped pant and the dress pant can be categorized as the best examples of trousers. She is truly a minimalist and her designer clothing exhibits this perfectly.  The designer tops by Jil Sander are equally elegant and conservative in character.

Jil Sander Clothing for Men

The two piece designer suits by Jil Sander are perfect for men who are looking for a versatile style. She has to her credit a varied collection of coats and jackets for men as well. Similarly her designer shirts are incredibly stylish we well-made. Each of the pieces have been made with the most suitable cuts and designs. The entire collection of designer men’s wear by Jil Sander is equally as exotic as the dresses that she has created for women. The denim pants by Sander for men great examples of designer jeans because of how they are cut and how comfortable they are. Her collection of silk designer ties and bowties are exclusive and commendable.

Jil Sander Sunglasses

Eyewear by Jil Sander is fresh and exclusive and at the same time conveys a sense of aristocracy.  There is a varied collection of designer glasses  from Jil Sander that is perfect for the man or woman is passionate about the way they look. You can buy Jil Sander glasses online at discount prices.

Jil Sander Shoes

Jil Sander shoes for men includes the reverse stitched lace up boots with ‘Norvegian’ sole and the shoe Lavarazione “Bologna’, both are highly appealing and it would be a matter of pride for a man to sport such fine collections of footwear. Similarly, the lace up boots with goodyear sole for women that are made up of calf leather and the loafer Velcro with good year sole made up of boxcalf leather constitute the best collections of designer shoes by Jil Sander.

How to buy Jil Sander designs

You can buy Jil Sander’s collection at any of her stores or from high-end designer retail stores. In addition, you can buy designer clothing and accessories online. There are a number of online stores that sell luxury brands for less. This can save you a lot of money—which means that you can buy more! A Jil Sander’s design will surely become a special piece in your wardrobe.

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