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About Hermes

Hermes is a French fashion house that was set up in 1837 and presently manufactures designer clothing, accessories, beauty products and other luxury goods. The headquarters of the company is located in Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore, Paris, France. Hermes was set up by Thierry Hermes and the Protestant German family settled in France, the company that initially started with wrought harnesses for saddlers and bridles for carriage trade went on to become one ruler of the fashion world. After the succession of his sons, there were new designs of bags for the riders. After the retirement of his sons, the reins were taken over by his grandsons who designed and manufactured more products by employing more workers.

The business gradually expanded its horizons and people became acquainted with their products. The photograph of Grace Kelly carrying a Hermes bag became a rage and the people started to call it ‘kelly bag’. At present Hermes has to its credit 14 products that include silk scarves, footwear for men and women, designer apparel for both sexes, perfumes, etc. These products are solely manufactured in France and the emphasis lies on the quality of the goods. Pierre-Alexis Dumas is the present artistic director of Hermes who is the son of Jean – Louis, the man who remained as the head of the firm for no less than 28 years and died in 2010 after prolonged illness.

The variety of products manufactured by Hermes has made a specific clientele who are conscious about designer products and love to sport them for all occasions. There are several online stores that sell Hermes’ products and the fashion lovers looking to save money can also buy Hermes online.

The company that started with harness products has become a big name in the world of fashion. The products manufactured by Hermes have maintained their legacy and will continue to capture the minds of fashion lovers for many years to come.

Hermes Handbags

Hermes handbags are well- known around the world. For example, the mini Illico designer bags made of Epsom calf skin is an item that exhibits elegance and trend at the same time.  Hermes also sells a pink clutch in smooth nilocticus crocodile, which is surely meant to capture the minds of the young and those fashionistas who are keen to buy the best designer bags. Hermes has made a name for itself by manufacturing bags in different styles and colours and this is evident in the huge collection of their designer bags that are hard to miss. The ‘birkin bag’ for instance is hugely popular. You can buy Birkin bags in a variety of colors. It is a must have for every woman. In other words, an Hermes handbag is simply amazing and the fashion lovers can take pride in having one on their arm. Another well-known Hermes purse is the evelyne bag, which is also available in a variety of colors. 

Hermes Clothing Women’s

The creation of designer dresses by Hermes is surely impressive and unconventional. There is a huge collection of designer women’s wear that have been worn by eminent models and showcased in various runways. The casual wear and business suits for women along with jackets and designer tops with hoods are perfectly for the woman of substance. The speciality of Hermes apparel is that the material that it uses and the leather used by Hermes caters to the finest quality that makes designer clothing for women as the best thing that a woman can have in her wardrobe. The jeans by Hermes are unique in cut and comfort. Hermes designer jeans are meant to impress the fashion lovers from all over the world. The Hermes designer gowns are marvellous and worn by celebrities all over the world. The noted actress Angelina Jolie sported a strapless Hermes gown in the SAG awards held in 2008. In short, the designer women’s clothing by Hermes is synonymous with style, versatility and variety.

Hermes Clothing for Men

With designer men’s wear, the emphasis lies on quality and fit and the men’s apparel by Hermes caters to the taste of the urban and elite class of society. The designer suits by Hermes are impressive due to their elegance and style. Fashion enthusiasts can look for discounts in specific seasons and the dream of sporting a Hermes suit can become real. When you buy Hermes online you can receive significant discounts. When we talk about variety in designer shirts, the mention of Hermes cannot be avoided and some the designer shirts manufactured by this luxury brand conveys a sense of sheer comfort and perfect fit. The designer ties by Hermes come with an impressive gift box and made in France with 100% silk. Similarly, designer jeans by Hermes have encapsulated the minds of the fashionistas who love to sport stylish, well-cut jeans.

Hermes Sunglasses

You can buy Hermes sunglasses in several models, in a variety of colours. Hermes glasses  are sported by celebrities and high end customers from all over the world. Hermes has also earned a name for designer glasses for men and women. The designs are exotic and stylish. Hermes glasses are also available in various frames that will change the look of the person who wears them. Along with the designer touches, the comfort factor is equally felt by the person who is wearing Hermes sunglasses.

Hermes Shoes

Hermes designer shoes are intricately made, keeping in mind the comfort that it will convey to the person wearing them. For instance, the Hermes shoe stretcher in saliscale grisard is extremely light and suitable for travelling and the hollow in the centre is meant to eradicate the moistture that builds up when a shoe is worn. The ladies’ boot in black calfskin is an emblem of comfort and versatility. Fashion lovers can buy designer shoes online at discount prices. Hermes footwear collection includes shoes for both men and women.

How to buy Hermes designs

You can buy Hermes clothing, sunglasses, and shoes at any Hermes store, or at specific department stores. However, if you are looking to save money on designer clothing, the best thing to do is shop online. There are a number of online stores that sell luxury brands. You can buy Hermes online at discount prices.



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