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About Chloe

There are very few people have not heard about Chloe, the French fashion house, which was founded in 1952, by Gaby Aghion in Paris. She started this fashion wear design company with a vision to make ready-to-wear dresses for women. Gaby Aghion ran this fashion house till 1985, when Dunhilll Holdings bought it. This was the first ready-to-wear fashion house to be launched around the world. Before Chloe was launched, there were only highly luxurious fashion houses that created Haute Couture clothing. Only the super rich could afford to wear them, the rest had to make do with poorly made copies of these dresses, which were stitched by the local tailor. The creator of Chloe was against this and decided to produce off the rack, body conscious and good quality clothes from rich fabrics. She called them the Prêt-a-Porter or ready-to-wear clothes and hence, the phrase was born. The other couture’s swiftly started the same and the next fashion house to start this line was Givenchy in 1956, with its ready-to-wear collection. After this collection, Chloe branched out in other sections like children’s clothing, accessories and fragrances. Gaby Aghion started hiring fresh talented designers for this brand and eventually most of these designers made a name of their own in the fashion industry. ‘See’ is the luxury fashion wear for younger crowd, started from 2001 and has handbags, accessories along with ready-to-wear clothes. People are always eager to buy Chloe clothing and accessories for its modern style.

Chloe Handbags

You can buy Chloe handbags, along with totes, in a rich variety of colors, the black Paddington and the black and wheat Paddington being the most popular ones. Chloe bags have chloe padlock at the front, with double handles which are adjustable, zip closure, golden brass hardware, with a protective five feet metal at the bottom. There are additional Chloe purses sold, with padlock and key. The other handbags are found in coffee, white, wheat, army green and red. The totes come in two models, Paraty and Cyndi, which are available in patent purple, patent red, patent black and patent white. The Paraty tote bags are also available in white snake, deep coffee snake, patent black snake, patent black crocodile, coffee, dark blue, deep coffee, red and white. They have features like removable shoulder straps, golden brass hardware and double handles.

Chloe Clothing for Women

The Chloe women’s line is known for their great sense of style with clothes that are a perfect fit for any women. Chloe dresses stand out for their delicate irony with a classy modern look. Chloe gowns are created with an innovative concept of romantic style. Over the years the Chloe dress collection was designed by Karl Largerfield, Pheobe Philo and Stella McCartney. Hannah MacGibbon is at the helm at present and has proven her relevancy and capability. She has created Chloe tops, dresses, gowns, accessories and Chloe jeans, using luxury traditions and the utmost feminine elegance. These designer clothes will make any women look gorgeous, for you cannot go wrong with this label of women’s clothing. Chloe women’s clothes are known to be designed in eclectic style and they have beautiful designs in prom dresses, cocktail dresses, halter dresses and many others. The dresses are a combination of the vintage era and the latest design. There are new Chloe designs for every season and the French classic style is evident in all of them.

Chloe Clothing gor Men

Chloe Men’s clothing is what every man should have in his wardrobe. The Chloe men’s suit collection includes lines designed by Karl Lagerfied. The materials used to make Chloe shirts are silk, cotton, polyester and rayon. The designs at Chloe’s are either casual or a distinctive style of dressing. The most popular among the men’s wear is the white suit. There are also exotic printed shirts and Chloe ties for all occasions along with baseball style jackets. Chloe has also launched a line of unisex clothing in men’s wear in Paris that includes Chloe jeans, blazers, shirts, knitwear, jackets, chinos, pants and t-shirts, which can be worn by men and women. The fashion expert and actress Chloe Sevigny is the brain behind the unisex fashion line.

Chloe Sunglasses

Chloe sunglasses are worn by almost all the celebrities, whether on or off screen. The many varieties of Chloe glasses echo the famous ready-to-wear collection and expertly play with various shapes and volumes. These designer glasses range from aviator, retro, to oversize and other timeless styles. The rich colors found among these glasses include plum, grey, ivory, marine, old pink, grey and chocolate, which match the designs of every season’s look. The latest glass frames have genuine leather accents on the temples and corners and are is set off with special snake skin embossed cases. These can be viewed on the Chloe website. You can also buy designer sunglasses online at discount prices.

Chloe Shoes

Chloe shoes for women are very feminine and there are shoes for all occasions and to suit every dress in your wardrobe. The platform shoes have various designs and lower heels, to suit every need. The brown, tan, gold and silver colors set off the designs in a great way. The Chloe footwear is very comfortable to wear too. Leather sandals, boots and wedges are uniquely designed to set off every season’s new look.  The season’s hottest shoe has to be the black micro studded suede over-the-knee boots, which are available in black and other colors. There are great colors to choose from too, like white, grey, plum, navy, black, silver and light grey. These will match with all your dress collection.

How to buy Chloe designs

Chloe fashion house have designed clothes that have been ingeniously put together, rather than the loud statements of other fashion houses. The black dresses designed by them are the classic example of the timeless style of this fashion house. The popular materials used in their clothing lines are taffeta, organza, cotton, lace and silk. These clothes are an elegant wear and with their classy accessories, you can look sophisticated in a classy way. You can buy Chloe online from boutique stores that sell luxury brands for less.

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