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About Celine

As a French fashion label, Celine began its business in 1945 with shoes for children under the name Celine Vipiana. This fashion house later expanded business in the sixties and came out with a new collection that included shoes, handbags and readymade apparel for women. The luxury house was bought in 1996 by another prestigious brand, LVMH with more than $500 million. The fashion conscious shopper and regular visitors to couture houses who love to buy designer clothing will find Celine to be one of the most intriguing luxury brands that exist worldwide.

The brand was set afloat with women’s ready-to-wear creations by Michael Kors who was also appointed in the position of creative director for Celine in the year 1997. Kors, who continued designing for this brand till 2004, changed the face of Celine with high profile accessories and readymade clothing. After Kors, Roberto Menichetti became the next creative director of Celine. Menichetti did not do much to take this fashion house to newer heights and after the completion of a disenchanting year; his position was managed by another Croatian designer, Ivana Omazic. Omazic was previously associated with known brands like Prada, Jil Sander etc where she worked as a consultant. In September, 2008, Phoebe Philo was appointed as the next creative director of Celine by Bernard Arnault, who was the president of the luxury house, LVMH. With the introduction of her first show that showcased the Spring/Summer collections of Philo, she has received tantalized reviews for her work. With awards such as “British Designer of the Year” and “International Designer of the Year” which was awarded in 2010 and 2011 respectively, Philo can certainly be called the face of Celine. She is currently residing in London and her work is taking this luxury brands to a new height.

The Celine stores are located all over the world in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Japan and America and spread over several cities such as London, Paris, Cannes, Qatar, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Kobe and Osaka to name only a few. You can also buy Celine online, where there are a number of luxury online stores that sell Celine designs.

Celine Handbags

The designer bags of Celine are sleek, stylish and made of leather. If we take a closer look at the Spring Collection of 2012, there are many varieties that would easily interest women who want to buy designer bags. Whether it is the spacious handbags in gracious shades or the multicoloured and trendy designer handbags, both made of calfskin, the ladies will find it hard to miss such a wonderful collection. Along with the trendy collection, there is a good variety of classic Celine purses that are intended to encapsulate the minds of women all over the world. The designer handbags of Celine will surely appeal to women of all ages and categories. The collection also includes phone pouches that are meant to serve a dual purpose of storing the mobile and a purse. After all, handbags constitute one of the most important accessories that are used by women and Celine bags are impressive and perfectly made to satisfy the needs of any women.

Designer Clothing for Women

As far as women’s designer clothing is concerned, Celine has a glittering collection of ready-to-wear dresses for women. Whether it is the trendy denim patch shirt or the designer gowns, the collection is equally appealing. The Fall 2011 collection showcases a large variety of women’s clothes that are classy and graceful. At the same time, the Green man shirt along with the color block pants is an unusual combination of trendy and the classic. Moving on to the Spring Collection of 2012, it is no less than a visual treat to look at the collection of Celine’s designer women’s clothing, which is versatility at par to put it simply. In fact each piece from the collection of ready-to-wear designer dresses should be worth the money that is spent on buying this clothing line. The leather panel top made up of double viscose is an example of the types of designer tops that are included in Celine’s collection. On the other hand, the denim pants of Fall 2011 collection showcases a classic example of designer jeans that is rarely to be found. The Celine Classics collection includes some of the most beautiful pieces for women and the poplin boy’s shirt with skinny trousers make a perfect fashion fiesta.

Celine Shoes

Celine began with children’s shoe when it came into being but the designer footwear that is available now is perfectly carved out to satisfy any fashionista. Most of the shoes are made of calfskin and allow the women to feel comfortable while they are sporting the designer shoes. The fashion enthusiasts can check the collection of shoes on the official website of Celine before placing an order designer online through several stores that sell luxury for less. Eleonora Bonucci and Neiman Marcus are online stores that sell the products of Celine and it is possible to become an owner of one of the most luxurious brands of footwear by placing online orders. Celine showcases some of the most amazing collection of footwear through the Spring Collection of 2012. This collection includes the incredible bar sandal and flat sandal in colors that can be worn by all and invigorating stilettos made of goatskin. The collection speaks volumes about designer sandals and they will mesmerize women who are crazy about the collections of Celine.

Celine Sunglasses

The designer sunglasses by Celine are available in all sorts of colors and shapes. The colors range from bright to neutrals. The shapes are designed to fit any face shape. The design of Celine sunglasses are stylish and sophisticated, so that any type of woman would love to wear a pair. The Celine sunglasses have fantastic detailing on the side and unique shapes, so that you stand out in a crowd. A number of celebrites have been spotted sporting these stylish glasses, including Kate Bosworth. You can buy designer sunglasses over the internet, as well as at Celine store.

How to Buy Celine

It will be difficult for a woman to take her eyes off of the enthralling collection of designer clothes, shoes and bags created by Celine. Celebrities and fashionistas wear the collections of Celine worldwide. In short, the Celine brand is an emblem of the fashion world and luxury that will keep on its gracious presence for years to come. You can buy Celine online at discount prices from online stores that offer designer fashions for less.



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