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About Lacoste

In 1933, Rene Lacoste founded the La Chemise Lacoste with Andre Gillier. The president and owner of the biggest French knitwear firm during that time, the two began to produce the groundbreaking tennis shirt that Lacoste designed to be worn on the tennis courts. The shirts sported the crocodile logo which was embroidered on the side of the chest. Besides producing tennis shirts, Lacoste also started producing shirts for other sports like sailing and golf. The started to expand and branched from the “tennis white” to introduce the colored shirt. In 1952, these shirts were exported to the US and advertised as the “status symbol of the competent sportsman" and influenced the sports clothing choices of the upper class. Lacoste shirts were sold from Brooks Brothers until the late 1960s. Lacoste still retains its place as one of the most popular labels in the US. It sports the preppy wardrobe.

Bernard Lacoste took the reins of the company’s management from his father Rene in 1963. Under Bernard’s management, the company has witnessed significant growth. When Bernard took over as the president, the annual sales of the company were about 300,000 units. The brand attained cult popularity in the US in the late 1970s. It became the “preppy” signature in the 1980s and even got mentioned in the Official Preppy Handbook, 1980, by Lisa Birnbach. The company began venturing into the fashion accessories segment with its line of perfumes, watches, various leather goods, shorts, sunglasses and optical, deck shoes, tennis shoes and walking shoes.

Of late, the popularity of Lacoste has surged because of the French designer Christophe Lemaire’s work for creating a more upscale and modern look. The visibility of Lacoste has increased because of its contracts between the company and many young tennis players. They include US tennis start Andy Roddick, French player Richard Gasquet, Swiss Olympic medalist Stanislas Wawrinka, French tennis star Richard Gasquet. The company has also commenced its presence in the golfing world. 

Bernard Lacoste fell seriously ill in 2005. He transferred the presidency of the company to Michel Lacoste, his younger brother and also his close collaborator for decades. Bernard expired on 21 March, 2006, in Paris.

Lacoste used to license its trademark to several companies. Until very recently, Devanlay had the exclusive world rights of the Lacoste clothing range. However, the Lacoste polo shirts are manufactured under license by ICC in Thailand as well as in China. While the Pentland Group owns the exclusive license of the entire range of Lacoste range, Procter and Gamble own the license to produce the fragrance line.

Lacoste Men’s Clothing

Everyone is familiar with the Lacoste clothing line, as one of the leading label for men’s clothing. You can even buy Lacoste online at discount prices.

Though the brand initially started off with the now famous polo shirts, today Lacoste manufactures an exhaustive range of men’s clothing, including jeans, suits, shirts, knitwear and men’s accessories. The accessories offered by Lacoste include watches, hats, caps, bags, belts and several other products. All these products come with the superior design and unique design that’s associated with Lacoste. The Lacoste line has built its own culture and has a huge fan following all across the globe.

Lacoste Women’s Clothing

Lacoste has extended its product range to the women’s clothing as well. In fact both women’s and children’s clothing now fall under the product line of Lacoste. Lacoste women’s clothing comprises of jeans, tops, dresses, polo shirts, swimwear, sweaters, pants and much more.

Ever since the Lacoste women’s clothing line was launched, it has gained popularity among women all across the world. Not only has Lacoste clothing been overtly popular among the woman fashion connoisseur, it has won the praise of the average woman shopper. Lacoste dresses and Lacoste tops makes women feel fashionable. 

Another thought that’s likely to occur is what the Lacoste line brings to a woman and what difference does Lacoste has, when compared to other brands? Well, the entire range of women’s clothing from Lacoste, including the Lacoste jeans, are produced with the best materials and design. The Lacoste line boasts its own culture and employs an increasing degree of aesthetics to build its line.

Lacoste Sunglasses

The brand name of Lacoste immediately conjures up the image of luxury sport. Lacoste sunglasses usually come in bold oversized frames that speak of fine luxury. They usually comprise of exquisite detailing. Lacoste glasses are perhaps the most sought after luxury brand of its kind in the world.

You can buy Lacoste sunglasses in various styles and they look incredibly sophisticated. They are in fact very versatile. If you are a person trying to sharpen your appearance, then you can implicitly trust Lacoste.

The sunglasses from the Lacoste stable are known to exceed all expectations of their connoisseurs. This is because, every season the label comes up with innovative designer sunglasses that buyers fail to predict. 

The proper ophthalmic technology is applied during the production of a Lacoste sunglass. There has never been any complaint in regards to sunglasses from this label.

Lacoste Shoes

Well, the Lacoste label has an interesting array of footwear that appeals to people all over the world. Whether for women or men, when you buy Lacoste shoes you enhance your overall appearance.

Lacoste footwear uses the finest leather to produce designer shoes. Besides ensuring wearing comfort, the shoes comprise the trademark designer aesthetics that has become synonymous with the label. Other than leather, canvas and several combined materials are also used to make Lacoste shoes. In fact, the shoes from the Lacoste label have become very popular with celebrities worldwide. Superior styling and luxury makes the footwear from Lacoste a hugely sought after product.

Lacoste Handbags

These designer bags are among the very best in design, style and quality. You can buy Lacoste handbags online. All you need to do is search for the designer online. A Lacost bag is modern, fashionable and very trendy. The Lacoste bags are known for their classic style, which is great for everyday use. You will fall in love with these designer bags and, once you buy a Lacoste bag, it will quickly become your favorite bag to carry. Lacoste also designs purses and wallets, which are great gift ideas. Each Lacoste bag is made with the best quality materials, which means that the bag will last you a long time.

How to buy Lacoste Designs

You can buy Lacoste online. Whenever you order Lacoste online from established luxury brand stores you are assured to get the best product at the best price. There’s no better way to purchase luxury clothing for less.

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9 Item(s)

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