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Jean-Paul Gaultier

About Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier is a noted fashion designer who hails from Arcueil, Val De Marne in France. Born in 1952, Gaultier never studied fashion designing but began his career by sending his own sketches to fashion houses, which gained attention from Pierre Cardin. Soon after he started working as an assistant to Cardin and thereafter worked with Jacques Esterel and Jean Patou. He returned to work with Cardin once again when he took the helm of Pierre Cardin boutique in Manila for a year. His collections were showcased for the first time in 1976 that were primarily based on the culture of the streets on the one hand and the formal designs that were unique and elegant.

The designs of Gaultier invoked mixed response about designer apparel from the fashion critics. While some of them considered his designs nothing more than self-indulgent, others were mesmerized by his creations. Gaultier has designed specially made designs for Madonna and the atrocious cone bra that she sported during the Blond Ambition Tour of 1990 and also designed her apparel for the Confessions Tour of 2006. Gaultier has introduced the concept of skirts for men and later when he worked with Wolford Hosiery, he popularized the use of kilts and skirts for men along with other designer collections. The models that showcased his clothes were freakish and idiosyncratic, that typified the Gaultier clothing range.

In fact his designs have inspired many singers to buy designer clothes created by Gaultier and he is known to have responsibly managed the apparel of several singers for their tours. He designed for Marilyn Manson in his album, Golden Age of Grotesque and also for singer Mylene Farmer and Kylie Minogue for her KYLIEX2008. His designs are exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in Ne York and called Bravehearts. Gaultier has also introduced the label junior Gaultier collection which is less expensive than his haute couture active label and intended for the young generation. This collection was termed ‘Dress of the Year’ by Jeff Banks. Owing to his engrossing designs, he was hired by Hermes and he served as Creative director from 2003 to 2010.

Gaultier is believed to have made a mark with his line of perfumes such as Classique for women and Le Male for men and both were highly popular and admired by his patrons. His collections are available in famous online stores and those who are keen to try them can order designer clothes online from deparment stores or online stores that sell luxury brands for less.

Jean Paul Gaultier Designer Handbags

The designer handbags by Jean Paul Gaultier are lovely and exclusive. It is indeed a matter of pride to carry his designer accessories.  The designer purses such as Pochette Tartan that comes with a metal buck fastener and curb chain shoulder strap cannot escape the attention of fashion lovers. Other collections include the aviator carrier bag available in two sizes and the satchel style bags. Both of these Jean Paul Gaultier handbags are unique examples of designer bags that are made of finest leather or full grain calfskin. The designer has created a rage with each of his creations. You can buy Designer bags online stores that sell Gaultier handbags at discount prices.

Jean Paul Gaultier Clothing for Women

The designer women’s clothing by Jean Paul Gaultier is varied and amazing. His collections are sported by high end customers and celebrities from Hollywood, including Nicole Kidman who sported his collection in one of the award programs. Gaultier gowns by Gaultier are marvellous designer dresses. Every woman dreams to have one in her wardrobe. Whether it is the Galina Dacheva collections or the Georges Chakra, the collections are fascinating. The range of women’s line of designer clothing is unique and appreciable and there is a huge collection to choose from. Some of his other collections such as the Long Hawaii halter dress, long colour block dress, maxi short dress and femme short dresses are classic examples of designer dresses that have captured the minds of young and trendy women of today. The Jean Paul Gaultier’s women’s collection is primarily centred on formal wear, but he also offers designer tops, such as the polka dot blouse with adjustable strap and cropped back. Galutlier tops for women can be worn for evening dinner and informal occasions. Although Gaultier has not worked much with denims for women, so he doesn’t offer designer jeans, his trousers can be comfortably worn by women of all ages.

Jean Paul Gaultier Clothing for Men

The designer shirts by Gaultier, such as the one with sailor stripes, are one of the most unconventional pieces. His designer ties are sleek and perfect and the gilt bow tie is a masterpiece. The Gaultier menswear collection has some wonderful denim jackets and his work on Levis jeans is truly artistic, they are designer jeans in the real sense. Jean Paul Gaultier has made a mark with each one of his designs and this holds true about his designer suits that are absolutely extravagant. Gaultier suits are for true fashionistas. In short, the designer menswear by Gaultier can be used for all occasions.

Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses

The new collection of designer sunglasses by Gaultier is simply intoxicating and available in the most unconventional hues such as lime, khaki, orange, peach and topaz. The detail in every piece of Gaultier glasses is worth appreciating. They can be worn by men and women of all ages. There is a striking collection of sunglasses for men and women in several shapes and models. The futuristic designer glasses by Gaultier are equally impressive and mesmerizing.

Jean Paul Gaultier Shoes

Gaultier shoes for women have captured the minds of the woman of today’s age. There are collections for attending a formal evening dinner, such as the pumps with metal tips and  there is casual Gaultier footwear too, such as the collections that include the classic trainers and the biker boots with integrated socks. Gautlier also offers designer shoes for men as well. The brushed leather derbies are classic examples of formal Gautlier shoes. His mens footwear collection also inclueds biker boots and classic trainers for men. You can buy Gaultier shoes from online stores.

How to buy Jean Paul Gaultier designs

Jean Paul Gaultier is one of those names in the fashion industry that invokes aristocracy and adventure. The designer who has created clothes for some of the most noted celebrities is continuing with his legacy of designer clothing, accessories and perfumes for men and women. You can buy Jean Paul Gaultier designs at his flagship stores, high end stores, or from online stores that sell luxury brands for less.

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