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Hugo Boss

About Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German luxury house that was started by Hugo boss in 1885. The headquarters of the company is located in Metzingen, Germany and at present it is owned by the Valentino Fashion group in Italy. The products of Hugo Boss are primarily targeted towards the high profile fashion enthusiasts who are aware about designer clothing and include men’s and women’s wear, perfumes, footwear and accessories.  The luxury goods of Hugo Boss are produced in several places around the world including Turkey, USA, Italy, Germany and Poland. The company has also entered into licensed agreements with several companies such as Samsung and Procter&Gamble for the production of their luxury brands. The company went public in 1985 and the British private equity firm Permira is the joint owner of Hugo Boss along with Valentino Fashion Group.

The company was started by Hugo Boss in Metzingen in Sttutgart but ended in bankruptcy due to economic crisis. Owing to an agreement that Boss had entered with the creditors, he was however left with some sewing machines to continue the clothing business. Soon after Hugo Boss involved himself with political activities and joined the Nazi party.  Meantime, his business was making good profits and sales increased significantly. It is believed that Hugo Boss was a supplier of uniforms to the Nazi activists and even hired the Nazi prisoners to maintain the growing demand of his work. Due to his involvement with the Nazi party, Hugo Boss was denied to vote and continue his business. He had to pay a huge fine for his association with the Nazi activists. In 1948, Hugo Boss died but the business ran amongst an array of turbulences.

Hugo Boss maintained his business along with political activities initially but the designer collections of the company have continued to rule the fashion world for many years and will continue to impress people with their luxury goods in the years to come.

Today, Hugo Boss designs are sold in over 110 countries, with over 1000 stores. Hugo Boss is known especially for his menswear collection. You can also buy Hugu Boss collections online from luxury brand stores that sell designer clothing at discount prices.

Hugo Boss Designer Handbags

The designer handbags by Hugo Boss are lovely and exclusive. The collection is perfectly suited for the women of substance. The leather shoulder bag ‘macrida’ and the ‘jami’ shoulder are impeccable designer bags that are available in many colors.  The silk clutch ‘sophy’ and the viscose silk evening bag ‘saphyra’ belong to the category of unconventional designer purses meant for the contemporary women. The entire collection of bags for women by Hugo Boss is tantalizing and tempting.  There are designer bags for men as well that includes the leather messenger bag called ‘barter’ , the high quality leather wash-bag called ‘bombo’ and the sporty golf bag with check pattern called ‘giletto’. Beside this, there are bag packs in dark shades for men. You can buy Hugh Boss handbags at online stores and easily check the colour, material and the variety before placing an order.

Hugo Boss Clothing for Women

The designer women’s wear by Hugo Boss is chic and trendy but elegant at the same time. The collection that is filled with bright colours and deep hues are intended to capture the minds of the urban and modern woman. The Hugo Boss dresses such as the Pabella Dress and Partella Dress is simply marvellous and is available in various colours. The Hugo Boss collections that include Amavera W and Iska have renewed the idea of traditional designer gowns and these collections are perfect for evening wear. The designer clothing for women consists of exquisite collections of women’s apparel. Similarly, there is an equally impressive collection of designer jeans for women in straight cut, boot cut and slim fit patterns. It is possible to buy Hugo Boss jeans online through various stores that sell authentic luxury products. The designer tops by Hugo Boss are unique and the collections include Cupida and Wrap Front blouse. In short, shoppers have a huge collection to choose from and Hugo Boss sells some of the best designer clothing for women.

Hugo Boss Clothing for Men

Hugo Boss is most famous for designer men’s wear. His collections symbolize the unusual cuts and designs by the fashion house. There is an amazing and huge collection from which men can select their favorite apparel. The designer shirts for instance include Jacco Us and Moreno from Boss Black collections. These Hugo Boss shirts are available in perfect fits and many colours. Hugo Boss also designs fantastic suits. Whether it is the designer suits made of virgin wool or the polyester coats, each piece is exotic and appealing. For many fashion-concious men it is dream to sport the men’s collection by Hugo Boss. The silk designer ties by Hugo Boss add an aura to the suits that they manufacture and it is a pride to have some of these collections in a man’s wardrobe. Hugo 677 is a classic example of men’s designer jeans and preferred by the trendy and the young generation. You can buy Hugo Boss suits online at discount prices.

Hugo Boss Sunglasses

The Hugo Boss designer sunglasses for men and women will add a new definition to the the look of a person and there is a variety to choose from. The black rectangular navigator frame or the gold classic aviator sunglasses for men are classics. Similarly, the Lucite large round frame sunglasses and the classic aviator sunglasses for women are equally appealing. Hugo Boss offers a gorgoues collection of designer glasses for men and women that are trendy and elegant.

Hugo Boss shoes

The Hugo Boss collection of shoes for men is varied and unique. Men can choose from designer shoes such as Reliance Loafer, Carl Loafers and Hankok shoes. You can buy Hugo Boss shoes for women as well, such as the leather and suede ‘marigold’ sandal or the leather platform ‘enrika’ angle bootie. The designer footwear by Hugo Boss is meant to cater to the taste of both sexes and there are classic and trendy shoes for every occasion. Whether it is the leather platform sandals for women or the lace up shoes for men that are made up of calfskin, it is difficult not to get tempted to buy more than one pair.

How to buy Hugo Boss Collections

You can buy Hugo Boss at any of his stores worldwide, however, because this is a luxury brand the cost of his collection is high. When you shop online you can buy Hugo Boss at discount prices. This means that you can buy luxury brands for less!

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5 Item(s)

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