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About Gucci

Gucci is an Italian fashion house that was started by Guccio Gucci in 1921. The headquarters of the company is situated in Florence, Italy and manufactures products such as clothing, jewellery, shoes, watches and leather goods. Gucci began his career as he worked in several classy hotels and was inspired by the expensive and delicate luggage that the guests carried. He began working with local skilled workers to create leather products that were largely traditional. However, Gucci later shifted to machine stitching as his business started to expand. His stores were set up in Milan and Rome in association with his sons and also in Florence. They sold exotic leather products such as shoes and handbags along with the ‘loafer’ which is highly recognized all over the world. In fact, the ‘loafer’ is the only shoe that has found a place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

During World War II, the company started manufacturing bags made up of cotton canvas due to scarcity of materials. Gucci’s sons took the business further by setting up offices in New York. Soon after, his clothes and accessories were endorsed by famous film stars and celebrities who travelled to Italy during the 50’s and became curious about designer handbags and clothes by Gucci. As a result of this, Gucci became known internationally and all this contributed significantly to the rapidly increasing reputation of the company. The products of Gucci were made up of calfskin, pigskin and other exclusive materials. The evening bags were made up of waterproof canvas and satin and bamboo were also used to make the handles. Some innovations were introduced in the masterpiece shoe ‘loafer’ and other products such as watches, ties, and sunglasses were introduced along with the existing products.

The company rose in business through the 1970’s and 80’s, but then the business got affected due to internal conflicts and the business came to the edge of destruction. The company went through a bad patch of time in 1990’s and was finally acquired by LVMH in 2001 with proper settlement of shares. With the intervention of Dawn Mello and Tom Ford, the company was struggling to bring back its previous reputation. They were instrumental in introducing changes in an attempt to revive the company from near destruction. Frida Giannini was appointed as the creative director of women’s wear and accessories in 2005 and by 2006 she became responsible for fashion enthusiasts wanting to buy designer clothes and accessories of Gucci.

Gucci has survived a long history of good and bad times but continue to maintain its reign in the fashion industry.

Gucci Handbags

Gucci is known for its leather products and their designer handbags are exclusive and exotic. For instance, the ‘soho’ medium boston bag with embossed interlocking G and tassels is a visual treat. The broadway evening bag belongs to the category of designer purses and the beige black animal print leather is incredibly unique. There is a huge collection of choicest bags by Gucci and it would be difficult for fashion lovers to decide which one is better. Other Gucci bags, such as the ‘new jackie’ large shoulder bag, are a masterpiece and the ‘jackie’ medium shoulder bags are trendy and eye catching. You can buy designer bags online through luxury brand boutique stores.

Gucci Clothing for Women

Although there are several fashion houses that are coming up with designer women’s clothing in every season, Gucci has certainly made its mark with its unique cuts and designs that are perfectly carved out for the urban upscale women of today. The strapless designer gowns with gathered side and knot detail can change the way a woman looks. The super skinny pant with metal detail and the bandeaux pocket pan resemble designer jeans and are simply amazing.  Whether it is the wide sleeve shirt with scarf or the yoke tie shirt with tiger pointillism print, all the Gucci designer tops seem wonderfully made to suit the taste of the woman of substance. Among the varied collection of designer dresses, the locket dress with belt is elegance at its best. In fact each piece of women’s designer clothing is far too good to resist.

Gucci Clothing for Men

Gucci designer suits are trendy and stylish and it is a dream of every man to sport these collections, such as the Marseille Gucci suit with a canvas construction, which is the perfect evening wear for a man. The collection of designer men’s wear is equally impressive and this is evident in each collection of Gucci. The five pocket skinny leg denim pant and the five pocket skinny leg stretch pant can be included in the category of designer jeans. Similarly, the fitted shirt, printed shirt and the slim shirts are marvellous examples of finest designer shirts. Whether it is the GG pattern tie or the interlocking G print tie, each item is exotic and one should take pride after buying a collection of designer ties by Gucci.

Gucci Sunglasses

The large aviator frame designer sunglasses by Gucci have successfully captured the minds of the fashion lovers. However, there is a variety of Gucci sunglass collections to choose from. The small rectangle frame sunglasses or the classic large aviator sunglasses have continued to rule the fashion world for many years now. The huge collection of sunglasses is sure to impress the mind of every man and woman. If you love Gucci you can buy designer sunglasses online from boutiques that sell designer brands at discount prices.

Gucci Shoes

Every woman and man would love to buy Gucci shoes. The ‘bette’ high heel designer shoes for women by Gucci are a must have for every woman and the collection of women’s footwear is a combination of trendy and classic. For instance, the ‘rachel’ high heel platform sandal with strass and the ‘bette’ mid heel platform pump is trendy while the ‘betty’ high heel platform t-strap open-toe sandal is perfect to wear with formal evening wear. The designer footwear for men follows a similar trend and this is evident in the moccasins with horsebit and the traditional lace up shoe with tassels.

How to buy Gucci designs

You can buy Gucci collections straight from the Gucci stores, or from department stores that sell luxury brands. However, if you are looking to buy designer clothing at discount prices, your best option is to shop online. Online boutiques allow you to puchase Gucci at cheap rates.

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16 Item(s)

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