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About Givenchy

Givenchy is a French fashion house that was started by the famous designer Hubert De Givenchy in the year 1952 and currently owned by another giant fashion house LVMH. The headquarters of the company is located in Paris and the company deals with apparel for men and women, accessories such as bags, shoes and sunglasses, along with perfumes and beauty products. With a huge revenue of more than 80 million euro, Givenchy ranks second as a fashion label owned LVMH after Dior. Initially, Hubert De Givenchy came out with modern style and design that was perfectly created for women.

In fact, his designs were so elegant that they were admired and preferred by famous actress Audrey Hepburn who wore some of his clothing in her films, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina and How to Steal a Million. There were several other admirers of Givenchy that prompted the Kennedy family to buy designer clothes of Givenchy and they were worn in the funeral of President Kennedy. After the retirement of Hubert De Givenchy in 1995, the reins were taken over by John Galliano who was later shifted for the promotion of Christian Dior and the company hired Alexander Mc Queen. 

In 2001, Julien Mc Donald became the Artistic Director for women’s wear and finally in the year 2005, Riccardo Tisci was appointed to manage the clothesline for both men and women. Tisci’s designs are inspired by dark and Gothic elements and the unconventional women’s wear designed by him has earned mixed reviews from fashion critics all over the world. It is believed that his designs will continue to maintain the legacy of this fashion empire. The models that showcase Tisci’s clothesline are essentially thin and languid. The men’s wear by Givenchy was restarted in the Spring Collection of 2005 with Ozwald Boateng as the designer. His designs were extraordinary and have given a new face to menswear.

Since 2009, Tisci was responsible for managing the clothesline for both men and women. Compared to the dark and luxurious women’s wear that he is famous for, the menswear is traditional in approach. Fashion enthusiasts who know about designer clothes and are regular visitors to the fashion houses prefer Givenchy’s collections for their specific cuts and designs. Givenchy products are also available in online stores for people who prefer to check the collections the first and to buy designer clothing at discount prices. Givenchy products are available at Barney’s , Colette and other high end department stores.

The house of Givenchy has come a long way from the time of Hubert De Givenchy to Riccardo Tisci but the tradition has successfully mesmerized the attention of the fashion lovers across the world and prompted them to buy Givenchy clothes time and time again.

Givenchy Handbags

Givency bags are available for both men and women and the sleek and stylish designs are hugely tempting. Some of the most noted designer handbags for women include the famous ‘obsidian bag’, ‘nightingale trolley’ and ‘pandora bag’ and there is a vast range that is available for the fashion lovers. The ‘panther clutch’ is a classic example of designer purses and each item is a masterpiece for the women of substance. The collection of handbags for men is equally impressive and exhibits sheer versatility. The Givenchy ‘double zip briefcase’ and ‘messenger bag’ are worth buying. It is possible to order designer bags online from authentic online stores.

Givenchy Clothing for Women

The ‘sheer top’ and ‘necklace top’ are one of the best collections of designer tops by Givenchy and preferred by trendy and modern women. The fashion house that originally became famous for its unique designer dresses for women has maintained their elegance till today. Givenchy evening wear for women is sported by many celebrities and the style is a combination of traditional and modern. For instance the ‘eyelet embellished dress’ and ‘sleeveless dress’ by Givenchy is simple yet perfect for an evening party. The ‘pattern dress’ and the ‘cut out dress’ is a comparatively stylized version of the designer gowns. The work of Tisci have created a rage with unconventional cuts and styles in designer women’s dresses. The ‘panther stretch’ is almost comparable to designer jeans and can be worn by suitable tops designed by Givenchy.  The unique and exotic dresses for women have added a new aura to designer clothing by Givenchy.

Givenchy Clothing for Men

Riccardo Tisci has brought in extraordinary changes in his collection of designer men’s wear in the Spring/Summer collection of 2012. The motifs and the designs are unique and he has managed to pull in the elegance that is a trademark of Givenchy. The designer suits by Givenchy are hard to miss and sporting one should be a dream of every man. The straight leg jeans with five pockets and over dyed dark blue denim is counted amongst the best designer jeans and conveys perfect comfort for men. The silk men bow tie and the neckties are simply amazing and there is a wonderful collection of designer ties to be selected by men for wearing in parties or board meetings. The ‘solid stripe shirt’, ‘leather sleeve shirt’ and ‘zip cuff button down shirt’ are perfectly carved out designer shirts for men that are truly admirable.

Givenchy Sunglasses

Givency sunglasses are innovative and amazing and convey a different sense of style. There are various designs and collections in round or square shapes and mask or aviator forms that are bound to capture the attention of the fashion enthusiasts. The designer glasses by Givenchy are available in several models and shapes. You can buy Givenchy glasses online at discount prices.

Givenchy Shoes

Givenchy shoes will surely prompt fashion lovers to buy a pair. The collection is exclusive in the real sense of the term. There are shoes for men and women and there are different varieties that symbolize versatility. Whether it is the Givenchy ‘gold cap black ballet’, ‘final print heels’ or the ‘zip detailed leather sandals’ , it will be far too difficult to choose just one shoe to buy from their collection. The collection of designer shoes for men is equally tantalizing and this is evident in their collection of laced shoes, moccasins, overlap laced sneakers, clog sandals and city boots.

How to buy Givenchy Designs

If you are looking to buy designer fashion at discount prices, then the best thing to do is shop online. There are a number of fantastic boutique online stores that sell designer brands for less than what you will find in a store. You can buy Givenchy clothing and accessories at half the price and have it shipped directly to your house.

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18 Item(s)

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