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About Christian Dior

Christian Dior was born in Granville, a seaside town along the coast of France. He was the second of five children of Maurice Dior who was a rich fertilizer manufacturer. The family business was known as Dior Frères.

On December 16, 1946, Christian Dior set up his fashion house which was backed by Marcel Boussac. The latter was a cotton fabric magnate. The name of the label of his first collection was named Corolle. The term was the literal meaning of the English name circlet of flower petals, or corolla. The phrase ‘new look’ was however coined for it. The editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, coined the phrase Carmel Snow. The designs of Dior were usually more voluptuous as compared to the fabric-conserving shapes of the just-ended World War II styles.

Christian Dior Clothing for Women

Christian Dior is a leading women’s brand these days and represents ultimate luxury. The Christian Dior clothing range makes women feel more attractive to their colleagues and friend and even their family. In fact, Christian Dior has emerged as a hot topic to discuss whenever people talk about fashion or lifestyle. The Christian Dior women’s line means so much for women. However, one could be inclined to ask why Christian Dior? Well, the Christian Dior gowns and Christian Dior tops have made women look and feel good. Dior has been making women look fashionable for decades. The entire range of the women’s clothing from Christian Dior, including the Christian Dior jeans, is produced with the best materials. The Christian Dior line boasts of its own culture and employs an increasing degree of aesthetics to build its line.

Christian Dior Clothing for Men

The Christian Dior men’s range, which comprises of Christian Dior suits, Christian Dior shirts and Christian Dior ties, is a favorite among all fashion conscious men. Whether going to a formal gathering or a casual evening party, the entire range of men’s clothing from Christian Dior caters to all kinds of men.

The Christian Dior line has built its own culture and has a huge fan following across the globe. Even the casual line of attire from the designer comprising of Christian Dior jeans has many followers spread across the globe. Many leading male personalities swear by the label.

Christian Dior Handbags

There are several reasons that Christian Dior handbags are raved about. First, the bags are incredibly stylish. Each bag from the Christian Dior stable holds its own unique place in the fiercely competitive world of designer handbags. Secondly, if you’re someone who wants clean cuts, then a Christian Dior handbag is the right product for you. The cuts are chic, simple and elegant. Besides this, they are classy. They stand out among the crowd without creating a noise. In fact, the bags sport a signature style, meaning any Christian Dior handbag will be box-shaped and simple.

Thirdly, the bags are manufactured from the finest quality material. Christian Dior looks for only the best quality fabric and leather to stitch the bags together. This makes the bag long lasting. When you buy a Christian Dior handbag you can be rest assured that the designer handbag won’t fall apart even after years of use.

Fourthly, the Christian Dior bag is very practical. There are numerous handbags on the market that look great but aren’t that practical. Meaning, they only take care of your keys and wallet. Christian Dior stitches bags that are practical, elegant and chic.

Christian Dior Shoes

Christian Dior shoes have been a trusted brand whenever it comes to the issue of purchasing high quality footwear. The name is a trusted brand which created a variety of formal as well as casual shoes for men and women.

The exquisite finishing touches that are given to a Christian Dior shoe, makes them look elegant, regardless of the occasion. While many people may have multiple pairs of shoes, the Christian Dior shoes in their collection usually remain their first choice. Christian Dior shoe is rated highly for providing absolute style, authenticity, comfort and style.

The Christian Dior range of shoes is available in several colors. The brown and the black, however, remain the two most popular colors. There are choices of several other colors like check tweed, red, and taupe.

As the brand commands immense popularity worldwide and also delivers shoes that can boast of superior quality of products to its customers, it’s quite obvious to expect that it would be priced a little higher than any other average brands commonly available on the market. It however depends on the features of the shoe and the formal or casual footwear that you’re buying.  And, at the end of the day, a Christian Dior shoe is worth buying because it is a timeless accessory.

How to Buy Christian Dior Designs

Well, that’s the easiest part of it. Christian Dior retail stores have been launched in several locations across the globe. Besides this, the products are also available from their online website as well. However, if you are looking to save money, you can simply log on to the internet and place your order. You can buy Christian Dior online at discount prices. The product will be delivered right to your doorstep and you don’t need to venture out to search for the right product. The product is mostly shipped free of cost, or at low cast, and you can expect to lay your hands on the best quality product. Shopping online will also save you a lot of time and energy as you can do this from the comforts of your home. But the best part, you get to buy designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the price.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

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