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Costume National

About Costume National

Costume National was started in 1986 by Ennnio Capasa and his brother Carlo in Italy. The headquarters of the company is located in Milan. With Capasa as Creative Director, the company specialises in readymade clothing, accessories, eyewear and perfume. Before setting up this company, Capasa had worked as an assistant with Yohji Yamamoto in Japan. It is in the year 1986 that the company showcased its first collection of designer clothing for women. This was followed by more stores in many locations across Europe like Paris, Rome and also in US. By 2000 the company designed a new range of designer clothes for men in association with Kataweb.  This was followed by more products such as footwear, bags and perfumes.

Sequedge, a merchant bank, acquired 17% shares of the company that would be doubled within the end of the year. Fashion enthusiasts who are constantly in touch with the works of various designers are constantly enticed to buy designer collections from Costume National. The manufacturing units of this company are located in various places. For instance the shoes division is located in Fosso. The leather company is solely responsible for the production of leather clothing by Costume National. Costume National is known for its conservative and modern approach in their designer collections. Fashion lovers can buy Costume National clothing, bags, sunglasses and other accessories from their online store, which was launched in 2008. This company has a licensed contract with ITTIERRE for the production of readymade clothing for men and women along with footwear and other accessories.

Costume National has designed collections for many years and they have produced some of the best collections of designer wear and accessories for men and women. Ennio Capasa has received several awards for his designer collections that also include his contribution in eco projects.

Costume National Designer Handbags

The designer bags by Costume National are unique and trendy. You can buy Costume National bags in vibrant colors or dark shades. Designer handbags are among the essential accessories that a woman uses. Handbags are not only fashionable, but they are useful as well. There are many styles and designs that are designed by Costume National and this is evident in the medium leather bag that is made up of the finest quality leather that comes with snap button closure, and shoulder strap. The unique designs these bags that will surely appeal to women of all ages. Similarly, their large designer handbags are spacious and best for shopping purposes and come with twin straps. Other collections of designer purses such as medium leather bags are fashionable as well as conservative. Fashion lovers can buy designer bags online. This is convenient because it allows customers to check out the entire Costume National collections before placing an order.

Costume National Clothing for Women

The designer clothing collections by Costume National exhibits amazing styles that are perfectly carved out for women. The designer dresses by Costume National are extremely modest but trendy because of the dual shades. The short dresses are lovely and exclusive with two shades and made of crepe. Moreover, fashion lovers can choose from two colours that are available. There is also a wonderful collection of trousers and designer jeans that are available in various cuts and styles and works perfect for the women of today. To go with the designer jeans or trousers, there is a varied collection of designer tops. Whether it is the sleeveless T shirt in black colour, adorned with stunning beads, or the waist coat top that is made of wool Costume National exhibits an exotic range of designer women’s tops. Although this company has not experimented with designer gowns for women, their is a collection of short dresses that are sure to appeal the taste of each woman who know about designer clothing.

Costume National Clothing for Men

There is an exclusive collection of striped designer suits by Costume National. Fashion lovers appreciate the cuts and the designs of these designer suits. When it comes to buying clothes for men, the comfort factor plays a big role along with a perfect fit. Costume National covers all the bases. However, the most popular line of Constume National menswear is their jeans, such as the national and home denim pants. Fashion enthusiasts can check out the collections by Costume National on their online store, or from online boutiques where you can buy designer jeans at discount prices. Their large variety of knitwear works wonders with their equally impressive collection of denims. Similarly, the designer ties and the silk ties by Costume National are stylish and sleek and they will perfectly align with their collection of suits. In their collection of men’s designer clothing by Costume National, one is able to get a combination of variety and versatility. This is evident in their collection of designer shirts for men that are available in a range of shades. In short, the entire range of menswear by Costume National is extremely appealing for the fashion-concious man.

Costume National Sunglasses

The collection of designer sunglasses by Costume National has successfully kept their legacy. You can buy Costume National glasses in designs that are extravagant and incredible. For example, the Costume National sunglasses “Georgia” is a wonderful example of their line of eyewear. There are designer glasses for women as well as men that one can try out. The fetish for designer eyewear of the fashion lovers around the world will finally end with the amazing collection of sunglasses by Costume National.

Costume National Shoes

When it comes to designer footwear, there is nothing more stylish and beautiful than the Costume National shoe collection. Whether it is about the high heel sandals, platform sandals or the collections of wedge, one is sure to get tempted to buy designer shoes from this luxury brand. The collections are so varied and unique that it will surely add an aura to the fair sex. However, the designer shoes collection for men is equally impressive. While the high top sneakers can be worn with a pair of jeans, the lace up shoes align wonderfully well with formal attire.

How to buy Costume National

If you want to buy Costune National clothing and accessories you can shop at any of the physical or online stores. In addition, if you are looking to save money, you can buy designer jeans, clothes, and accessories online at discount prices. There are a number of online boutqiues to choose from, which means that you can easily compare prices and get the luxury brands you love for less.

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