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Alexander McQueen

About Alexander McQueen

If anyone has interest in fashion, then Alexander McQueen is the name that he or she must know about. Alexander McQueen is a British fashion designer with a keen sense of tailoring. This sense and experience in tailoring later be proved a great source of fashion designing and innovation.

This British designer was born March 17th, 1969 in Lewisham, London. His original name is Lee Alexander McQueen but he has shortened it when he entered into his fashion career. Being the youngest of the six children of the McQueen family he had a very lovely and memorable childhood. As a young boy he proudly announced he wanted to be a fashion designer while designing cloths for his three sisters. Since then his interest in designer dresses only increased. As a result of that interest he left Rokeby School at the age of 16 and joined renowned tailors of Savile Row, Shappard and Anderson as an apprentice. Later he joined Gieves & Hawkes and, then the theatrical designers Bermans and Angels. He also worked as designing assistant of Romeo Gigli at Milan. He finally came back to London in 1994 and he completed his Masters degree in Fashion Design at St. Martin's.

All these experiences of working with talented tailors and great fashion and costume designers helped him a lot and earned him a reputation in the fashion world. He had developed a reputed position in the fashion industry.

He launched his own label in 1992. The 6 different techniques of pattern cutting that he gained from Angels and Barmans have become his signature in his designing career. The collections of McQueen are mostly known for his extremely romantic but very much contemporary collections. A very rare but talented juxtaposition can be found in each creation of this British designer. McQueen collections have a tradition of modernity, elegance, trendiness, and sophistication with a contemporary look.

So if anyone wants to buy designer clothing that is cool and at the same time has a touch of grace then Alexander McQueen would be a great choice.

There are fabulous collections for both men and women in the McQueen line of fashion. You can buy McQueen clothing for men and women from any of his stores in London, New York, Milan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Tokyo or through an online store. At an online luxury brand store you can buy McQueen designs at discount prices. There are also many franchise stores all over the world that showcase the greatest creations of Alexander McQueen.

But unfortunately the highly talented British fashion designer Alexander McQueen is no longer with us. On 11th February, 2010 he left this industry but, needless to say, his creations and ideas will always be with us. Whenever there is a discussion about designers then the name of this great British designer will be uttered with immense respect and the fashion world will never forget him or his creations.

Alexander McQueen Handbags:

Along with dress materials there is a good collection of designer handbags in the fashion stores of McQueen. These designer purses are exclusive in design and excellent in style so they are an all time favorite of the style conscious women of this world. Most of these designer bags are made of fine and pure leather and have fine cotton lining which makes the bags more beautiful and enduring too.

Alexander McQueen Clothing for Women:

For women, especially women who are aware of fashion, Alexander McQueen is the name of an angel who knows exactly what they want and need to look gorgeous and beautiful. The designer dresses from the house of McQueen are not only stylish but also evoke a sophisticated look to the woman who wears them. They are excellent in color combination and fitting. After all, the expert tailor McQueen’s collection is one of the finest in the world when it comes to fittings. These designer gowns are perfect to enrich the beauty of the owner.

McQueen designer clothing is highly praised in the fashion industry. The designer women’s collection of McQueen is a symbol of class and luxury. That is why most of the celebrities like to wear his collection.

The collection of designer tops is really fashionable, with the modern trends of fashion. The McQueen fashion house also offers trousers and skirts, jackets, t-shirts and knitwear.

Alexander McQueen Clothing for Men:

The collection of Alexander McQueen is not limited to women wear, but this fashion house is equally vibrant about the fashion of modern men. Men who know about fashion highly regard Alexander McQueen. His designer men’s collections are latest in the industry but of course, with the same signature elegance of McQueen. There are designer suits as well as designer shirts, knitwear, jackets and casual wear.

Along with designer clothing there are a wide range of accessories like designer ties and cufflinks.

Alexander McQueen Sunglasses:

Apart from dresses there are fashion accessories too in the world-class collection of Alexander McQueen. For example designer sunglasses are one item that has a special position among the fashion lovers. Fashionistas are not just conscious about their outfits but always in search for the perfect match for their outfits. And for this reason they require the best designer glasses that will finely complement their high class, stylish and luxurious clothing. And what better place for this kind of designer eyewear other than an Alexander McQueen store?

Alexander McQueen Shoes:

When we are talking about fashion accessories then how can we forget about designer shoes? Though Alexander McQueen is famous for his line of designer clothing for men and women he has also presented some great footwear. McQueen’s footwear is just as stylish as the other creations of McQueen and tells the story of modern fashion.

How to buy Alexander McQueen Designs

You can shop at any of Alexander McQueen’s stores or any high-end department store. However, because Alexander McQueen is a designer of luxury clothing, it also comes with a high price tag. If you want to buy Alexander McQueen at discount prices you can shop online, where there are a number of luxury stores that sell his designs.

27 Item(s)

27 Item(s)

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