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Bottega Veneta

About Bottega Veneta

An Italy based luxury items manufacturing company, Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966. The company is mostly known for its leather goods. But in the fashion industry it is also well-known for its designer clothing line, as well. In 2001 Gucci Group purchased the company and at present it is under a section of PPR, a France based multinational group.

The name Bottega Veneta means “Venetian atelier” and the company was established by Renzo Zengiaro and Michele Taddei in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy. The company initially produced handmade leather goods and a technique was developed by the artisans of the company that is known as “intrecciato”. This technique is still now considered as the brand’s signature.

With the uncompromising quality and great craftsmanship this company soon got the position of one of the finest leather goods manufacturing companies in this world. People all around the globe come to visit their showrooms and buy the signature products of Bottega Veneta. In the beginning years of 80’s Bottega Veneta occupies the consumers mind with its grand productions and is one of the main topic of discussion among any leather loving group. The interest about designer leather products became higher through the ventures of this company.

After the founder had left the company it was taken over by Laura Moltedo and Vittorio but unfortunately they were not successful in holding the reputation and position of the company in the market. The company declined and was struggling to get back its old fame and name by entering into the common fashion territory in 1990’s by keeping the real business of the company aside. But the heavy craze to buy designer goods did not allow Bottega Veneta this time and the company almost went into bankruptcy.

In 2001 the Gucci Group took over the company. With Majer the company was able to get back some of its old acclaim. He took the observable logos out of the products and significantly emphasized the signature “intrecciato” knit, and changed the focus of the company on handmade production once again.

Since then the company has included a lot of new items to their collection, like fine jewelry, furniture, home fragrance, eyewear with their regular offering like handbags, small leather items, shoes, home items, luggage, and gifts. Now, one can buy designer goods from the house of Bottega Veneta easily through their official websites, department stores, and through online stores. Other than their websites there are a lot of other shopping sites from which one can buy designer items of this fashion house.

Today, it can be clearly be said that, with more than 100 fashion stores in more than 30 countries, Bottega Veneta is a lifestyle brand for those who are interested in living the good life. The fashion house is constantly creating designs from the best possible materials for the perfect lifestyle. Bottega Veneta continues to produce great designer goods that will make our life and surroundings more beautiful.


Bottega Veneta Handbags:

The collection of designer handbags is something that every fashion aware man and woman has dreamt of. The fashion house offers brilliantly designed stylish and perfectly crafted designer bags for both men and women. When you are at Bottega Veneta then you cannot question about the craftsmanship of leather goods. That can be best understood when you see the designer purses of this fashion house. You can go online to buy Bottega Veneta handbags and to view their entire collection.


Bottega Veneta Clothing for Women:

The company introduced its first fashion line for women with the ready-to-wear runaway show in 2005. Here the designer women’s collection from the house of Bottega Veneta astonished all the viewers and fashion lovers. The designer dresses of this fashion house are very stylish in look, yet elegant in design. They are the perfect definition of modern fashion and hence the modern woman never thinks twice before they buy Bottega Veneta designer clothing. Their clothing is equally ideal for casual events or for formal affairs. Their winter collection surely makes the season more lovable and desirable to women. The designer gowns of Bottega Veneta are truly classic and a rare example of sophistication.

Bottega Veneta Clothing for Men:

The fashion house launched their first runway show with men’s ready-to-wear collection in 2006. The show again was a great hit in the fashion kingdom. The designer menwear collections are amazing and sophisticated. The line of designer suits for men from the house of Bottega Veneta is graceful as well as stylish. Bottega Veneta designer shirts are perfect for the modern man. They are vivid in design and gorgeous in look. Whether it is a party wear or a work outfit; Bottega Veneta can make you stand out in the crowd.

Bottega Veneta Sunglasses

Along with all the modern fashion accessories this fashion house offers, they are known for their wide range of designer sunglasses.  Nowadays no one can deny the craze for stylish sunglasses in the fashion world. Hence Bottega Veneta offers some awesome glasses, which are perfectly fitted to match with the stylish outfits of their collections. So if anyone is thinking to buy designer glasses he or she should surely look to this fashion house. You can buy designer sunglasses online at discount prices.

Bottega Veneta Shoes:

As a craftsman of leather goods it is obvious that this fashion house has some amazing pieces in the area of designer shoes. Bottega Veneta shoes reflect the ultimate height of excellence with their perfect craftsmanship and use of pure leather. The designer footwear of Bottega Veneta is an item to collect. Bottega Veneta shoes surely enhance the fashion meter of any person who is wearing them. They are vibrant in color and stylish in design, with an exceptionally trendy look. Both men and women can collect their desired footwear for this fashion house and create their own individual fashion statement.


How to buy Bottega Veneta Designs

You can buy Bottega Veneta at high-end department stores, such as Barney’s or Sak’s Fifth Avenue, or at any of their namesakes stores. However, if you don’t live close to a metropolitan city, the easiest way for you to buy designer clothing and designer shoes and accessories is through an online store. There are a number of online stores that sell designer brands at discount prices—and your order is shipped right to your door.

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