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About Balenciaga

Spain has produced a rare talent in Cristobal Balenciaga; a leader in the fashion world. Balenciaga was a born talent and not a production of any fashion school.  At the age of 13 he showed his interest and skill in couture. Years later he even managed to please Marquise of Casa Torres with his design work.

Balenciaga was born Jan. 21, 1895, Guetaria, Spain. He traveled to Paris in his early years where he watched and became overwhelmed by the collections of Doucet, Worth, Drecoll and many other bright names of fashion.

To give his rare talent professional support he completed his apprenticeship with tailors in Madrid and San Sebastian and opened his own couture shop in 1918. At that time he had all the royal families of Spain on his customer list. Because of his keen interest in designer clothing again he launched his own fashion house in Barcelona in 1935 but he had to close that shop as well due to the war. He then settled in Paris permanently and opened his fashion boutique in Paris in August 1937. That was the beginning of an era in the world of fashion designing. Balenciaga had made the term “fashion designing” more popular among the average consumer. Soon, along with the royal families, many other reputed people of US and UK joined the list of Balenciaga’s customer. And he became famous worldwide. He set his own exclusive fashion house after his own name “Balenciaga” and tried to produce dresses with no imitation and full of creativity. Balenciaga dresses were of their own kind, innovative yet stylish and with a classic look.

He believed throughout his life that a true couturier must be a fine combination of a painter, a sculptor, an architect and a philosopher so that he or she can imagine, cut, shape, color, design and more over express the temperament of his or her each and every creation.

After his retirement in 1968 he made only one more creation and that is for the wedding dress of the Duqesa de Cadiz in 1972. Though this immensely talented designer left us on March 23, 1972, his works still inspire many of the promising fashion designers. Givenchy, Courreges, Ungaro are those bright names in the fashion world who got training from this great designer but there are lots more who site him as their mentor and follow his trends of designing still today.



Balenciaga Handbags

Among the collections of Balenciaga there are some great examples of gorgeous designer handbags. Balenciaga bags are fashionable, classy and beautiful. They are made of either leather or soft vintage crafted lambskin to give the owner the ultimate pleasure of holding them. These designer purses are best fitted with Balenciaga fashion dresses but one can have these designer bags from the house of Balenciaga with any other sophisticated dresses too. You can buy Balenciaga bags from online designer stores.


Balenciaga Clothing for Women

For women Balenciaga has some extra ordinary collections which are still popular in the market even almost 40 years after his death. In Balenciaga’s women collection one can find some great designer clothing for women, including various types of dresses.

There are some amazing creations of dresses, jackets, coats, pants and designer gowns. Other than these there are dresses for casual wear that can be worn anytime. The Balenciaga designer tops are popular among fashion conscious girls who love to have something elegant yet smart.

Other than designer dresses there are many more items for women in the collection of this great designer. There are watches, perfumes, travel accessories, jewelry and many other things in this list to make a woman’s look completely fashionable. So for designer women’s collection Balenciaga is the best option for many.

Balenciaga Men’s

Balenciaga’s collection for men has not gotten as much attention, but there are collections for men, as well. Balenciaga doesn’t offer designer suits or designer shirts for men but there are bags, shoes, travel accessories for men in the fashion house of Balenciaga. When you shop for Balenciaga online you will find his designer fashion at discount prices.

Balenciaga Sunglasses

As a designer of 50’s, Balenciaga knows the importance of sunglasses, as at that time they were considered a high-class fashion statement. So, designer sunglasses are in the collection of this great designer.

Balenciaga sunglasses are finely matched with the classic dresses of Balenciaga and other luxurious designer dress materials. They are a perfect for the modern women who know how to match their accessories with their outfits. With the help of internet one can order Balenciaga sunglasses online.

Balenciaga Shoes

When we are talking about fashion accessories then there is no way we can forget shoes; one of the most essential fashion accessories in the fashion world. In the collection of Balenciaga one can find a excellent collection of designer footwear.

There are classic designer shoes, as well as trendy shoes that compliment the style of a modern girl. Balenciaga shoes are available through designer online shops that offer luxury brands at discount prices.

How to buy Balenciaga

Balenciaga always designed cloths for his own happiness and satisfaction. He was a creator and that is why he created on his own will and not to please anybody else and now we are able to share in his talent for design. You can buy Balenciaga clothing, handbags, sunglasses, and shoes at discount prices from online stores that sell quality, luxury brands at discounted prices. So now, no matter what your salary, you can afford designer clothing.


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