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Agnes B.

About Agnes B.

The collections of Agnes B. in the fashion world are known to be elegant yet unconventional and exclusive in their own way. Agnes B., with versatile interests and skill, is enhancing the world of fashion with her own uniqueness and creativity. This French fashion designer is known for her self-named brand, which includes fashion and film interests.

Agnes B. was born Agnes Andrée Marguerite Trouble in Versailles in the year 1941. She completed her graduation from Versailles’s Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Later, after completing her studies, she started her career first as a junior editor at French fashion magazine ELLE, but her creative mind was not satisfied with the editing of fashion and wanted to be in this field for real. With a keen passion for designing and good experience about designer items she left the job of editor and started her career again as a freelancer in the field of fashion designing. In the years 1965 to 1966 Limitex, Pierre d’Alby, V de V, and Eversbin were the clients of the freelance fashion designer Agnes.

After working a lot as a freelancer she felt like she wanted to do something in fashion in a more professional way and hence in 1966 she established CMC (Comptoir Mondial de Creation), the parent company of Agnes B. In 1975 the first boutique of Agnes B. was established at Les Hellas, Paris. She has opened her first fashion boutique in SoHo, New York in the year 1980.

Now, with more than 115 boutiques all over the world the Agnes B. collection rules the fashion kingdom. Each item at Agnes B. is exclusive yet simple, stunning yet has an everyday look because the designer herself believes in the fact that clothing is less important than the person who is wearing them. People are always more significant than fashion to Agnes and that is why she tries to keep her line of designs simple yet chic just like the possessor of those dresses.

Agnes B. has her own official website from where one can order designer online. Other than the online option there are several luxurious fashion stores out there in all over the world from where one can collect the latest designs of this stunning designer. Along with chic and stylish garments this designer also introduced "Le B Perfume," which is a range of cosmetics and skincare along with a maternity collection in 1987.

Each of her designs carries her signature style, which makes them different from other designers, but at the same time, these items are not beyond our daily life. The designer herself experiences life from close up so each of her collections are inspired by daily life and hence they can be worn at anytime, as a celebration of life’s beauty. In the list of her creations there are items for men, women, children and a cosmetic collection.

Agnes B. is not only a fashion designer but she can still manages time for her other interests like photography, films and collection and patronage of art. This vividness of Agnes also reflects in her work and makes them exclusive among the creations of other fashion designers.



Agnes B. Handbags

A great range of designer handbags are available in the collection of Agnes B. These bags are not only stunning in design but have enough spaces to carry all your essential items. They are made of fine leather and only top class metals are used in the chain and jeeps of these designer bags.

Agnes B. designer purses are perfect for every occasion; from work to parties and from wedding to business meetings. In an Agnes B bag collection there are pouches, wallets and portfolios available.

Agnes B. Clothing for Women

Agnes B. Collections for women are not so different from the rest of the collection where one can clearly hear the triumph of our daily life. The designer women’s collections are stylish, trendy and fashionable. Hence they are a favorite for anyone who wants to look stylish and smart.

With a wide range of skirts, shirts, t-shirts, coats, jackets and other designer clothing the fashion line of Agnes B. welcomes all the fashion lovers of the world. They can be worn on special occasions as well as on regular days. The demand of an Agnes B dress is huge in the market. Moreover, in comparison to other fashion houses, Agnes B. offers her collection at a much affordable price range.

All the designer dresses from the collection of Agnes B. come with the signature style of the designer, which is gracefulness with the touch of exceptional creation.

Agnes B. Clothing for Men

Agnes B. menswear has equal attention for the fashion world of men. Where many fashion designers do not like to create for men, this French designer has a vast collection for the modern man who is conscious about his appearance and style. For men, Agnes B. presents a unique range of designer suits and designer pants, designer shirts along with sweater and t-shirts. There are also a good collection of designer ties, cuff links and bags for men.

Agnes B. Sunglasses:

Agnes B. is a name of a true fashion kingdom where fashionistas can get all of their favorite fashion items. Apart from clothing and cosmetic products, one can buy Agnes B sunglasses. These designer glasses are perfect, with the modern dressing sense.

Glasses for both men and women are available in the collection of Agnes B., which can be worn at any occasion with the trendy outfits of this designer.



Agnes B. Shoes:

When fashion is discussed how can one forget about shoes? Agnes B. has a wide range of designer shoes for her customers. In all the Agnes B. shops or on the web one can buy designer footwear in a range of styles. From an Agnes B. collection one can easily buy designer shoes for any occasion. Agnes B. offers designer shoes for both men and women.

How to buy Agnes B. Designs

If you want to buy designer clothing of high quality, then you should looking into Agnes B. You can purchase Agnes B. dresses and clothing in any of her stores, in some department stores, or at an online store. Online stores that sell luxury brands like Agnes B. typically offer designer clothing at discount prices. You can save a lot of money when you buy Agnes B. online.



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